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  1. Hello all, I finally have most of my euro gear in rods and such. I'm ready to get out this weekend and try things out, learn as I go. I have a few places in my list I might try. Does anyone have any advice on a good spot to setup a pod and rods? I'm looking for a good spot no more than 60 miles from Nashville with a good carp population.
  2. Hello all, My name is Chris and I have recently got into carp fishing. I've been looking at gear, youtube videos, and wherever else I can find info. Right now I am using a ugly stik 7'0 catfish rod, okuma abf 50 reel, 20# BG mono. Last weekend I watched a few videos and learned how to tie hair rigs. I have not caught my first carp yet but cant wait to, they look like a blast to catch. I live in Nashville, Tn so I mainly fish the swims around here. My question is what test curve should I get to cover most situations in a 12' carp rod? Which brands are good yet affordable for rods and reels? Any other tips are very welcomed. I joined the site a couple weeks back and so far all I have seen has been great, a wealth of info! Thanks
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