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  1. Hi all, I have been rigging a wavewalk kayak for lake and stream fly-fishing for carp. Sometimes it just gets me to points i otherwise wouldn;t be able to reach, othertimes to sneak along stading up and "hunting" for feeding carp. http://wavewalk.com/Fishing_Kayak_Review_15.html
  2. Morning Wayne! Curious-- how close will we likely be able to park near our pegs? Are campfires or barrel fires allowed? Are there trees? Bought our licenses yesterday online- https://www4.wildlifelicense.com/tn/ , ordered some goodies from PAul at Wacker Baits, hopefully this will be the last cold spell of the year coming through, start warming up!
  3. Hi All, Ben and Bill from doylestown Pa are putting this one on the calendar-- looking forward to making Tennessee our first match entry. Thanks Wayne for the email with the advice for us newbies. Winter goes so much quicker when you are looking forward to something! Wayne- check's in the mail AM monday. Merry christmas to everybody!
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