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  1. Went out to sterling state park today for my first session of the year. Was a little worried with the water just unfreezing and it still being rather cold this morning that I might not catch anything, but me and my buddy got there around 8 and got 3 poles in the water. This was my first time trying out R&W carp juice and come flavored dip/glug after about 20 mins the bait alarm went off and I got a nice 11 pounder only fish we got today. I was approached by a DNR officer told him I was fishing for carp he asked if I was part of that "carp group". I'm glad I got to land one so early in the year.
  2. Chance636

    To early still?

    Ok thanks! Soonest I could get out there is Saturday. Hope the warmish weather keeps up lol
  3. Chance636

    To early still?

    Any word on ford lake?
  4. Chance636

    To early still?

    Thanks Austin! I was just by pt mouille today and and yes the water levels were extremely low today! Lowest I've seen them. ill give Erie a few more weeks for sure just gotta fish it before the weeds move in. Maybe I'll head to saline this weekend and see how it goes, I'll keep everyone informed. Thanks
  5. Chance636

    To early still?

    Like everyone I have the itch to get out and fish for some carp. i normally fish sterling state but it's still frozen as of Saturday. The mouth of the Huron and near pt mouille is unfrozen. I was thinking about heading out Saturday to pt moiuille. But I'm not sure if it's to early to even bother.
  6. Chance636

    Sterling state PB

    Yeah it was pretty windy there today was ripping for awhile, and was pretty chilly but the sun came out for awhile. I like the cold it keep most other anglers away lol.
  7. Chance636

    Sterling state PB

    I got to sterling state around 930 this morning, a bit later than I had planned but it was pretty windy around 7 so I decided to wait and my girlfriend was coming along, Brian was already there and fishing when I pulled in and said he already had some action, after I got my poles in the water it took about an hour before I had any action, the first fish was a nice buffalo 14 pounds is a new PB for me since I never weighed a fish until today, Brian was nice enough to weigh him for me. I had another small common put up a pretty good fight. 14 pound buffalo Small common
  8. Nice fish! And the advice here is great!
  9. Thanks guys! Yeah Austin the biggest one I caught was very thick and I didn't even know he was on the line, the line was pulling to the left but it never pulled hard enough for my alarms to beep. I thought maybe a turtle had grabbed the line.
  10. Thanks guys! I had about 5 runs total the first one I had right at shore but he got off as I was trying to net him myself. And two others got off right away.
  11. It all started a few months ago when I came across a video of Austin catching some carp at pointe mouille. After doing some research and buying and some pre tied hooks and a sbomb, I hit banks with many failed attempts. After talking with Austin at sterling state park I found these forums and have learned a ton, It still took several weeks to land my first carp after some hook pulls and the carp getting off within feet of shore. Today was my lucky day! I'm definetly addicted! Thanks Austin for all the help, and Brian for all the tips, and Bill for selling me some awesome poles. The bait runners made a huge difference. no way I could've caught anything without their help. Not sure on the wait but I'd say atleast 10 pounds This one was the biggest fish I've ever caught I say 15+ pounds
  12. Congrats! I guess I left to early!
  13. Some nice fish I hope to fish there this weekend! I it's not packed of course! went to sterling today for an hour or two, had one good run but he ended up getting off again! How did you vomit corn experiment go?
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