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  1. You guys use flavor extract like you would use in cooking (McCormick, etc) or do you buy special flavors from the carp merchants?
  2. Can you post the link in the thread? or PM me too? Thanks!!
  3. Learning new knots is a goal for this winter, I just go with a pretty basic knot.
  4. I have been trying an oatmeal pack bait for both chum and as PVA filler. I usually throw a little bit of pineapple flavor in it and this past time I used a few drops of clove essential oil that my wife was trying to get rid of. Had good luck this past weekend, will try again this weekend Lord permitting.
  5. 19lb common from Lake Cypress Springs in East Texas.
  6. The advice really helped guys, I got my son on a 19lb common today from Lake Cypress Springs here in East Texas.
  7. LOL, that's the video I watched so I have no excuse. That is the weirdest motion to get used to. I keep wanting to throw with my right shoulder, what I am guessing is meant by boxing. The reality is, its my casting style, heavy weights (I used to fish the Potomac with my Dad as a kid where we needed heavy weight to stay put and the habit stuck) and the huge PVA bags or pack bait that I use. Focusing on what I can BUY to fix a problem is my knee jerk reaction to everything. Still striving for the wisdom to try the non-$$$ approaches first. Thanks for the great advice y'all.
  8. Guilty, Guilty and Guilty. I think when I try to cast further, I tend to box forward with my right hand instead of pulling with my left. Need more practice, thus need more fishing!! Also learning to use that drag a lot and let the fish wear itself out rather than fight it in so hard. My son just wants to bull them in, all force no brain. 13 years old, did I mention?
  9. Yup, I break down to pack up my rods. I was all set to go braid but the thought of losing a fish when it makes that last shake and the braid doesn't give worries me. This is all about getting my 13yr old onto some big fish, he loses a big one at the bank and I'll be folding him up for the day.
  10. Can you explain that? I see much more experienced carpers on here using much lighter line than I am, apparently without issue. My breaks come when I really try and cast far out. With a 12' rod, I am generating too much tip speed I imagine and snapping the line.
  11. I need to switch to braid mainline. I snapped two lines casting this weekend. Any braid recommendations? 30lb, 50lb, etc?
  12. Time to fix my weight, that's for sure. Is the theory that the fish feels the weight, bolts and that sets the hook in?
  13. PVC Pod is AWESOME! I have a partial pod so I bet I could cannibalize it and make this. So much lighter that the metal ones.
  14. My dad and I used to fish the Potomac and this is more what I remember carp looking like as a kid. Are they leaner and stronger looking like that as a rule in rivers? Most of the lake ones look more like defensive tackles, big and, uh, heavy.....
  15. Damn, what the hell did I wander into? I thought I was joining a group of people that like fishing for carp.
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