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  1. Ok, I wasn't going to do any more Big 4 events because of the selfie requirement I find annoying and awkward but you convinced me. I'm in
  2. I'll donate 50 dollars if anyone wins and beats all the euro guys using puffs.
  3. Most of the tournaments I fish do not list all of the prizes. They will list a few of the big ones of course, often as a form of advertisement for the sponsors which the sponsors always like. But the only time I've seen a complete list of every tiny little item is Frank's J-town tournaments. Don't get me wrong I think it's awesome Frank does that and I wish everyone did, but it's not the usual.
  4. just the right amount of rope laid out, will it be used? Stay tuned for the next episode of As the Carp Turns.
  5. I'd love to fill that spot but we're salmon fishing sat night, don't think I could stay awake from 2am until 5am the following day. Just fyi, winds are expected 31mph with 44mph gusts peaking at 7am. Bring lots of lead! Correction: hah refreshed my browser page for sailflow.com and the wind is now max 22mph with 33mph gusts peak at 5am. not too shabby good luck to all
  6. Oh man, "wager/fundraiser", I'm dying over here. I need a partner for the two man if anyone is interested, btw.
  7. you can hang a bobber from your line between two guides and rotate the hook part so it doesn't insert itself all the way and lets the line run through it. I use the bobbers that have built in weights. When the fish takes it just unhook the bobber when you pick up the rod. Quick cheap and effective. It's not as cool as alarms but it's actually more accurate. You can detect the tiniest vibration. Stick a lantern under the bobbers for light and voila. Also the 100 dollar eBay 4 alarm kits work just fine. Your rods and reels are fine. More expensive gear isn't going to help you catch any more fish.
  8. FYI when using third party image hosting sites like photobucket and imgur eventually those photos will be deleted and then the posts will have no pictures at all. It's a huge problem on many sites. By far it's better for posterity to upload here locally as an attachment and then use the add to post button.
  9. Got the skunk last year. I won't be denied twice!
  10. lol you guys. Bill really did cancel the Rail City Fall Classic apparently. Which sucks because I was going to go to that versus the connecticut carp championships. If anyone has experience on the river in connecticut hit me up and let's roadtrip!
  11. There are places along the fox river you can fish that aren't really parks. I see people having beers there at times. Seems nobody bothers them about it.
  12. Thanks Frank! Yes the kayaker died in the same tournament I was in at Manitowoc on Saturday. I knew him in passing, I fished 3 or 4 different tournaments this year where he was also a competitor. We're having a memorial for him Sunday in Naperville and raising some funds for his future son - his girlfriend is pregnant and due in two weeks. http://www.lucidfishing.com/max-memorial.html Was the saddest thing I've ever seen when they brought his body back on the coast guard cutter and the dad had to identify it as his son. I suppose kayaking the big pond is not for the faint of heart.
  13. The ebay carp hooks work just fine. All these expensive hooks aren't way stronger lol. Geeze. With the proper drag setting you can land almost any carp on a gold aberdeen panfish/crappie hook.
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