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  1. Cool thanks for the info sir
  2. Same here carp turned off as well was wondering if buffs do the same never caught one so if some buff guys could help out it would be appreciated
  3. Sounds good thank you sir
  4. Ok do carp want fruity baits or fatty baits or high protein baits in winter witch one works the best in the colder months cause down here it's been slow slow
  5. hahahahhaha lmao it keeps carp warm as well
  6. hahahahaha love the carp but yall can keep all that cold stuff up there thanks
  7. thanks guys again for the info looks like a cold snap is on the way
  8. thanks guys for y'all's input I think im baiting less and going with no hair rig just hook baits thanks again yall fish on tight lines
  9. ok I know the carp slow down in winter so when pre-baiting do yall use the same amount or less ?? I think im going to use less or bait with cream-corn to put more sent out what's y'all thoughts on this am I wrong
  10. ok just letting yall know k1 baits is alright in my book they gave things that they did not have to so thanks K-1 baits you got my business for sure thanks again
  11. that's a sweet rig sir ill give it a try thank you sir for the info its cool to see guys come and give out the info that we do has I learn more ill give more anyway thanks sir
  12. Ok sorry sir your wrong on that one it was Falcon Lake that it happened on sir
  13. Ok guys have any of y'all fished choke Canyon, Lake Amstead or Lake Casablanca in Laredo ?? If so please tell me what y'all think about them I'm about 90 miles from all 3 or if someone wants to hook up and go look/fish them out selves I'm ready to go learn them and how to get better at carping my self
  14. blahahhah that's more like work Obsessed Carper but your both right it does seem that I get more carp when I use 4-6lbs test on my ultra-lite rods just worry about getting spooled out with a good one
  15. hahaha if I did not say sir.sir my hind end would be put on fire sorry you could say it was put in me by force hahahahahaha
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