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  1. It was great fun speaking to all 3 and very eye opening for me. It'll be published on friday the 14th :-)
  2. Thanks brooksey, we'll be having a look round Central Park but I wont be doing any fishing. Will certainly be looking for them though ;-)
  3. HI, sorry about the gap between podcasts but CC5 is now online. We are now going to try our best to release an episode every other Friday. We are also very close to getting on iTunes, just waiting on them now to review our content :-) https://soundcloud.com/carp-cast/the-carp-cast-5-ft-iain I'm also going to be in New York in a week or 2 doing the tourist thing, any suggestions on how i can squeeze some carpiness in?
  4. https://soundcloud.com/carp-cast/the-carp-cast-3-ft-rob-hughes We've had a bit of a delay due to some technical issues but our 3rd podcast is now online. Our stats show we have quite a few listeners over there so big thanks for the support :-)
  5. I'd love to do something with your magazine :-)
  6. Here's CC2 with Ali who gives us a great interview. https://soundcloud.com/carp-cast/the-carp-cast-ft-ali-hamidi I've been browsing this site a bit and I think we need to get a U.S. carper on sooner or later:-)
  7. Thanks John, all feedback is appreciated:-)
  8. Something to listen too, a new podcast just for carpers. Hosted by Jamie Clossick and myself with special guests each episode. The first is Kevin Nash. This is a bit new to us so we will get better the more we do:-) https://soundcloud.com/carp-cast/carp-cast-1-kevin-nash
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