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  1. Ya I saw those on BCT... But I do have gloves I use I was just not thinking hahaha
  2. Thank you guys for all the good advice. and as soon as I have one in the net you guys will know.
  3. Ya same here. The spomb rules, although we were fishing a good distance the other day and i thought it was going to take my finger off when I was feathering it down so I could clip the line in my reel for the distance haha so beware off the line. It hurts hahaha mostly my own fault.
  4. Thanks man. I have been using my spomb to bait up the area I'm fishing but i think you're right. I need to try prebaiting the night before. I have just been fishing erratically so far this season. Haven't really had to much time. so I kinda go when I can, hopefully in the next week or so things will slow down so I can send some time doing some planing. And lefty I met you before at felshmere last season hahahaha
  5. Matthew Goodland

    Finding fish

    I seem to be having trouble locating where the fish are. They don't seem to be showing on the surface to much and not much signs of them feeding on the bottom. Anyone have any advice on this? It would be greatly appreciated.
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