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  1. Chod rig did the trick. Fished it Tuesday night and my bait stayed out of the weed. nothing biting there though it was very very windy and unpleasant to fish on Tuesday
  2. I was using a method feeder this weekend and the problem is that the method ball drives into the weed which is counter productive to what you are trying to do which is place a food plot on the bottom. you need to get that popup to sit above or on the very top of the weed.
  3. I am using the current conditions to learn a new rig. I am setting up a chod rig and hopefully fish on top of the weed. I will keep you posted.
  4. I just did the same. will give it another go....I saw six other guys leave when they were hauling in the weed. Might get the river to myself if everyone thinks it is weeded in
  5. Thanks Mike, I was thinking Chod rig as well. I have never experienced that level of weed there before it is usually all rock and gravel. Guess I get to learn how to tie a new rig...always a new thing.
  6. Well yesterday was a frustrating one. I hit Marie Curtis park and was planning on spending the day. The water had been stirred up and was very muddy. I got setup and tossed in my old faithful oats, corn, panko and molasses method mix and Pineapple mega corn on the hair and settled into the chair. I had a strange run about ten minutes later and was thinking to myself that this might be a great day to get a run so early. It was a little slower than a usual screamer but I picked it up just the same. three to four pounds of weeds and grass...the next four casts all the same.
  7. I would avoid Marie Curtis. Spent yesterday there and it is so thick with weed there was nothing. I was pulling out two and three pounds of weed on every cast. Not even the usual goby bleeps on the alarms either.
  8. Not that I am against bow fishing. I am a bow hunter but shooting carp at the base of a dam after you climbed a fence marked no trespassing and no fishing I thought warranted the call to 911. They were all in cuffs the last I saw of them.
  9. Ridiculous.... I called the police on three guys bowfishing for carp and stomping on them with a boot and throwing them back in the water still alive on the weekend. The cop called the Ministry Man...I hope he throws the book at them. The RBG should face huge fines and perhaps a call to the Hamilton Spectator for a news article.
  10. Since April 4th of this year I have sat through the snow, the rain, the freezing rain and a lack of any fish. this weekend made up for all of that. Let's go back to this past Thursday...the weather was amazing and at 1:05pm I bailed on work and took the trip down the 403 to my home town of Port Dover. I decided I would finally try a spot I had been looking at for a few years and took a small detour to the Grand river just south of Brantford below the Cockshutt Bridge. Needless to say after three wicked snags and an hour of nothing I decided to go where I know and packed up the
  11. Spent another cold day in Marie Curtis Yesterday....sat through the high winds and freezing rain and ice pellets. one short run but no successes. One fish broke the surface through the afternoon. Headed back to my home town of Port Dover Thursday for the long weekend and hopefully I will have some results to share. Is everyone having as slow a spring as I am having on the water?
  12. Nice sessions and good story. I too spent the winter developing my blowback rigs and taking the time to fill my rig box with them. But have little in the way of action this spring. I have never fished in Hamilton and know little of where to go. Needless to say your word inspire.
  13. Two more days at Marie Curtis. No runs or bites....did see three carp break the surface though. It was a damn cold two days
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