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  1. Make that 17lbs 60zs!!! Tonight at Ft. Belvoir, Va in Accotink Bay.
  2. On my way there. Hit me up if you guys want to join me. Says 25 minutes. Plus gate access and getting down and set up. Should be fishing by 5:45pm or 6:00pm.
  3. This is my favorite carp spot to date, so I will certainly be heading back. It's about a 30 minute drive from my house usually without traffic. Probably be back sometime next week or weekend, hopefully.
  4. 13lb 5ozs, at Riverside Park, near Mt. Vernon, VA. One of my good buddies/favorite fishing partners has used this spot to catch 50 - 80lb blue cats and 20+lb carp for years. This is my biggest in the spot thus far (2 seasons). 10 minutes before I left I had a run that pointed my pole out to the river and within 15 - 20 seconds had me down to 40 - 50 yards on my spool. I was being lazy at the time on the picnic bench and by the time I got to it I barely had time to get situated. I tightened the drag, got the hook set (thought) and then had him on for 15 seconds or so. Tried turning him o
  5. I'll be heading there straight after work. If you come before 9pm you can enter through Tulley. After 9pm have to use Pence. The water is easy to get to, couple turns max, ask someone at the gate and they can direct you. You can get a pass at the gate for fishing, called yesterday to check. Just need a valid driver's license. I will be there from about 6pm til 1 - 2am depending on bite. However, if it is on, I have no issues making it a late night. I don't have any lights (there are a few street lamps nearby). But, I do have my cell phone flashlight for rigging up need be . Bring your
  6. Upper Occoquan definitely has a massive population, but imho I haven't seen much size come out of there. Seems like for every 12 - 15 you catch you may hit a double digit. Maybe just my experience though? Or I'm fishing it with the wrong bait and people... haha. Need a pass for there too right? Personally I think Lake Orange would be a blast, especially if we could get a couple to prebait it.
  7. Haha, I always talk to myself when I'm fighting these things, Lol. Easy, right, left, pump n' wind, hahahaha.
  8. Yeah, I knew once I had it about 10 yards out and saw the lower body flash in the water. I was just saying to myself, "easy... easy... easy... don't come off... don't break off...". Hahaha. I was nervous. But, it stayed on the whole way. I was happy. Was hoping my first would be a bit bigger, but hey I could have just not caught anything today. So, I'll take it. Hoping to get out one more day this week to my favorite spot that has better size than this place typically. If not, at least get out one night this week after work for a few hours. We will see.
  9. Fished at Bull Run Marina this morning before work and got into two carp. A small 6lber and then this 11lber which ended up being my very first Mirror. Only been chasing carp for a few years, and only been trying for Mirrors since last summer. Was told Bull Run and/or the Occoquan Reservoir had em'. Sure enough. Great fight. Literally ran out of time, picked my rod up to close up shop for the morning and it took off. Haha. Never quit!
  10. Love the story Oburg. Sounds exactly like my situation. We certainly can relate and hope we share many stories over the upcoming days/months/years ahead regarding the thrilling experience of chasing these very sporty fish. Appreciate the comments sir!
  11. Going out tomorrow and was planning on chumming a bit since I haven't had time to drive 90 minutes away and prebait. Nor do I know anyone in that area that could do it for me this week. I plan on chucking some sweet corn or bread out there, but have always had a time getting it out to the spots I want to (distance wise). Is there something I can make on the quick or fly by picking up some items from say Walmart or Target or a store near my house? Just looking for some type of device that could get some bait a little further out. Otherwise I guess I could just work the coves on this lake an
  12. Anyone interested in meeting up? http://www.dgif.virginia.gov/fishing/waterbodies/display.asp?id=116 15+ possible. There have been some trophies here caught in the past (length). Not seeing many report trophies weight wise. But, I'm assuming 20+ would likely be plausible. More so getting out there because it's away from the city, quiet, beautiful scenery and a nice calm lake. Bringing just my two simple spinning carp set-ups and a few cans of corn. May bait it up early when I get there in some good looking spots along weed lines or areas with carp activity. Probably just use some brea
  13. Also, looking for a fishing partner Friday if anyone wants to meet me out at the lake. I'll be there from roughly 845am - 4pm. Love to see some of ya'll if you're free. Sure I could a thing or two, or a billion... Haha.
  14. I have lurked on this post about 100 times in the offseason having seen some of the replies. Couple places I'm more curious about these days. The 123 bridge in Old Town Occoquan? I know that people have caught some smaller ones up by the foot bridge. Also know that there are some decent weedlines from fishing around here with my dad for bass and having hit the spot a time or two since last fall. Had a MASSIVE run last fall that actually broke my line because I had drag issues. Had it on for about 10 - 12 second and it just broke off. Been going back since. My buddy thought it could have
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