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  1. 15 minutes ago, Nanook said:

    Dude, sorry to hear this. People really suck sometimes! Hopefully the cops catch the guy.

    All the pawn shops verify against police reports. I am checking craigslist in the 100 mile radius,along with fb marketplace,eBay,Offer Up. These idiots have no idea what they stole. I probably will never recover my stuff but it will be interesting to see how the insurance adjuster handles the case.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Nanook said:

    I just bought two free spirit ctx 3.25’s from BCT. Did you like them?

    I didn't think the casting was amazing but they are awesome to play fish . if you are fishing around 70-100 yards consistently, they are great. I mean, they were,since they are gone now

  3. Just got home and my garage lock was drilled out in the 5 hrs I was out. Every carp rod, Spod rod, nets,brollies, reels etc is gone. No, storing all gear inside the apartment was not an option.Police report filed. Now to start checking craigslist and pawnshops to see if anything shows up. Hopefully insurance claim goes through.

     If anyone sees these up for sale,let me know: 2 Greys X - Flite 13 ft 3.5tc rods, 2 Free Spirit CTX 3.25 12 ft rods with cork handle,  2 Resistance Lightning 12 ft rods, 2 Mad dragon 3.25 12 ft rods, 1 NGT Spod rod, 2 Wychwood Exorcist big pit reels, 2 Okuma Avenger 90 reels, 2 delkim EV alarms red and white, 3 storm poles,bank sticks, red and white brollies, box of brand new: 3 spools fox mono, 5-8 spools braid, box of 30+ leads etc

  4. What an amazing venue! Fishing was tough but we did a ton of research and got lucky in the peg draw both days. Special thanks to Cesar/Christian for letting us borrow bait/cart etc . A huge shout out to the organizers/hosts/fellow anglers for making this a really fun trip. Us MN guys had luck on our side this year....what will happen next year?? ?

  5. Welcome to the group! The MN carp angling community is definitely growing and we are always looking to meet other anglers.  90% of my fishing is done on the Mississippi river as well. Back in the day I attended college in Northfield MN so I fished the Cannon River for quite a few years.

    Are you in the twin cities?

    Lake Billesby was commercially fished out a few years ago. I also think they put up some fish barriers over there.

    There are also places where you can fish in winter since it has open water.  

    Hope to hear more from you


  6. The Minnesota Fall fish in was a huge success. 8 anglers banked 45+ carp up to 20 lbs. A special Thank You to Devin Lamm and Scott Baird for helping a first time angler learn the ropes and catch his first carp, which turned out to be a 20 lb warrior.

    1st place medal: Sebastian. He was simply at the park with his brother and decided to check out what we were doing. Note: Permission to post his pictures was granted by his older brother.

    2nd place medal: Devin Lamm. Landed a lot of nice fish and helped out a newcomer learn the ropes. Plus he brought in a lot of refreshments 1f642.png. Sorry you got spooled by a powerful fish.

    3rd place: Sadiq. Jaffar and Sadiq landed a ton of carp. Sadiq battled a bee sting this morning and fished on like a trooper.

    Max Boltman Jr. was on a tearaway streak and probably caught 10+ fish himself.

    Thank you for all who attended







  7. Thank you to the 12 brave anglers who made it to the MN Summer fish-in. Heavy rain up north resulted in the water level rising 5-6 feet and the 400 yards of fishable bank space was pretty much all submerged. We had to wade out to cast and lost a ton of fish to snags and floating debris.

    Even in tough conditions, we landed 16 carp, 1 buffalo (and a lot of channel cats)


    Congratulations to Max for landing a 17.5 lb fish and taking the 1st place medal


    Congratulations to Nathan for landing 3 carp (and a lot of cats) in the 5 hours he fished. He got 2nd place


    Congratulations to Sadiq for catching his first buffalo (or quillback) and winning 3rd place. 


    Congratulations to Devin for landing a beautiful 2 toned carp.


    We lost 10+ fish in snags throughout the day but overall we had a ton of fun and made new friends
















  8. Adjustable zigs are something I want to try soon. 90% of my zig fishing is done with simple popups or a piece of fake corn/foam.I do not like using flavoring/using goo on my zigs. For my style of fishing, the fact that something is floating mid water is more important than it having a scent trail. I have watched fish come up to highly scented popups and move away. Same zig with a plain popup caught multiple fish that day.

  9. Finally had a day above 35 degrees but wind was blowing at 20mph. Head out to a warm water discharge on the Mississippi for a few hours. The bass fishermen were out in full force, wading halfway down the river as far as my eyes could see. I found a shallow stretch between 2 groups of wading bass guys and set up. Quickly realized the ground was like quick sand, hence the other angers were avoiding that area.

    Lost an absolute beast close to shore when it went around a large rock and cut the braid clean.

    Was able to land this beauty soon afterwards. The length was along the same as my 42" net frame so I would think it weighed around 20lb.  Quick pic and release while my boots were stuck in the deep mud.





  10. 13 hours ago, MOCarper said:

    Plagued by low teens?- seriously?......70 carp!!!........that a season to some!!- Great job all!!.........

    The jet ski/heavy boat traffic might have kept the bigger girls far away from the bank , into the deeper  channels :-). 70 plus fish for 5 anglers each using 1 rod is quite a haul fest. This lake has some monsters and we hope to get some of them during our fall fish in.

  11. Minnesota Fish left some anglers with sore arms :-). 4 adults and 1 child were active anglers, while other friends came just to chat. Over 70 carp caught and released during this 1 rod event. We were plagued by the countless low teens but some nice fish were caught.


    Newbie (Daud) bagged 24 fish in his prime peg, including a pristine 24 lb fish. He won a 1 yr. CAG membership from me.

    First time fish in participant (Zee) bagged a fantastic 19 lber. He wrangled about 20 fish.

    The youngest angler managed to reel in 9 fish, showing that MN carp fishing has a bright future!


    Daud and Jaffar with a 24 lb carp


    Zee with a 19lb carp. First cast!


  12. The MN Fish In has been on the calendar for a while. If anyone of you are able to make it, just let me know.


    Fish in will be in Litchfield  MN (July  29) . We plan to start by 7am and can fish into the evening.  It's at a  private residence (CAG member's cabin) so if you are coming, just call/message/text me me and I can send you the address.

    It is a free even. If anyone needs to borrow tackle/rods/bait, just let me know.


    Aniq: 507 269 7732

  13. 1 hour ago, Cannonball said:

    Chayathecat, invite the DNR officer for a session on the bank.  Let the people outside the carping community feel the pull of a 15 lb. carp and they might change their minds.  If the fish populations are declining, then why don't they change the limits? 

    Example that I use in my Hunter Education classes on hunting laws- I lived in KY for several years in a farming area.  One year the limit on squirrels was 10 due to a good population due to good weather and abundance of mast.  The next year it was 8 as the population declined due to the decreased mast production.

    Print and distribute the attached file.




    Effects of Common Carp.docx

    Thank you for the attached doc. I will definitely take a look and share.


    The fish population ( walleye, bass) is declining due to over fishing/poaching, waters becoming too clear for fish to breed (such as lake mille lacs: zebra mussels ), fertilizer run off etc. DNR is struggling to keep adding new stock of game fish to keep the population high in a state where fishing is a massive revenue earner. The thinking behind the 1 rod rule is:

    1. People are already poaching fish. If anglers can use more rods, they can poach more game fish-thus negating the efforts to keep stocking/keeping population high

    2. Allowing 2-3 rods for rough fish (true game fish) is not a feasible option since most people fish for game fish. DNR cannot control who is fishing for what species.


    The common misconception is that carp destroy all breeding structures for native game fish, plus eat all the eggs. It is simpler for DNR to point fingers at carp for dwindling native species population than to target larger issues such as :

    1. the massive infestation of zebra mussels, eurasian milfoil and other invasive

    2. the massive amount of fertilizer run off into lakes and rivers, causing algae bloom and poor water quality in some major water ways

    3. the use of high powered boat engines in shallow lakes. These cause more damage than a head of rooting carp


    Plus, bowfishing is very popular here. The revenue generation from bowfishing equipment makes it an incentive to follow the money. When a blood thirsty thrill generates so much $/tax $, it is easy to see why dnr and other local authorities will only support those thrill seekers.

    The question remains: Has anyone on CAG successfully led a campaign to change the rod rule in their state?

  14. I would like to hear from anyone who has successfully overturned the rod rule in their state. What is the proper way to start a petition, which will not be ignored by DNR? 

    1. I have chatted with quite a few DNR officers on bank. Even they seem surprised that I release carp. They don't seem to want to stop the illegal killing and dumping of carp carcasses in public trash cans since carp are "invasive" and the "devil"

    2. I have emailed and called DNR and talked about the proper process for petitioning for a 3 or even 2 rod rule.  I have also written to a couple of state officials and also the DNR (via mail). Here is what they have told me:

    a ) There is NO intention to change the 1 rod rule

    b ) MN DNR is struggling with declining walleye/bass population. The cost of stocking/restocking panfish is soaring. They fear that allowing more than 1 rod will simply result in people poaching more fish in general, at a time when controlling poaching is a failing effort .

    What are your thoughts? When it comes to the 1 rod rule, DNR does not care whether you are fishing for game fish or rough fish (true game fish). I am willing to try new methods of trying to state my case. I know of a couple of catfish guys who started a petition a while back, but it was truly ignored.

    My aim is to allow using at least 2 rods to fish from shore.

  15. Val, welcome to the group! First of all, where are you located? There are a few CAG members spread out over MN so am sure you will be able to join us for some carping. 

    We haven't had our fish ins (fishing get together) in MN this year but will probably have them in a month or so. The fishing seems to get better late summer and early fall around here, so we will keep you posted on the events. They are all free and mean to bring carp anglers together for catch and release carp fishing.

    Once we know whereabouts you are located, am sure a few of us can recommend some spots :-)



  16. You must love the cats :)

    I wouldn't spend too much time using fishmeal in pack. From what I know,  it works great where carp are raised in commercial food containing fish meal.

    I use it  in boilies but in very small quantities 

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