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  1. From my experience, the smaller ones school with similar sized fish. They tend to stay hidden since they are at constant risk of being eaten. I see a lot of pike and large bass patrolling the shallows near easily accessible spots and am sure these predators drive the smaller fish into deeper water snags. I've pulled up quite  a few 2lb fish form the Mississippi while snag fishing for crappies, but never caught them in open water.

  2. The way bow hunters react to my CAG sweatshirt, I am pretty sure having a carp flag would result in my house becoming an archery target..lol. They sure look good though.

    I occasionally fly kites with the Minnesota Kite Society and one of the guys has a carp kite which if probably over 10 ft in length.

  3. Sweet corn has no real nutritional value but I think the color, the salt and the sugar in canned corn is what triggers carp.  Plus corn is small and easy to pick up by any inquisitive fish.

    Take a bright colored, small foam ball and soak it in a sugar and salt solution. You will probably catch carp on it (trust me, I use them with great result). Carp are inquisitive and small baits are easier to pick up.

    As for boilies taking time to catch fish, that too can depend. If fish are in the area and you throw in some small boilies oozing out anything of nutritional value, they will probably go for it.

  4. I've had great success using store bought and also home made boilies. I've had better luck getting a quick bite using corn. Corn seems to be instant while boilies often take some time. Once fish realize the nutrition content, they seem to be crazy for boilies.

    It all depends on how you like to fish. Anything can work. There isn't a wrong bait out there if the fish are present and are hungry :-)

  5. Fake corn fishing is an art and it takes time to learn.Don't give up on it. Put your rig in clear water or even a jar and see how it sits. You will need change this up depending on the bottom you are fishing on. There are a ton of youtube videos on using fake corn as well.

    The corn could be too high up from the bottom. The hair could be too long. It could be drifting away because maybe the hooklength isn't heavy. There are a million variables which could be causing the fish to feed around the bait and not picking it up. Just play around with the rigs and when you get it right, you will haul.


  6. 13 hours ago, dust said:

    Were you direct hooking, or hair rigging?  I'm not sure I understand your last sentence.

    Canned corn or boiled maze works better than the gulp corn. Mainly on hair rig.

    Plastic corn works great as well. Mainly on hair rig.

    For sunfish and pike, I used to put the gulp corn on the hook and fish between clumps of weed. No hair rigging for sunfish,lol.

  7. On 10/24/2016 at 9:54 AM, Critter said:

    Hey been on YouTube to learn rigging without any success need some one to teach me I'm a shore fisherman mostly channel cats have a decent homey hole been there handful of times caught 15 pounder there but I want to learn carp probably a lot more finesse then used to fishing cats very curious about fishing for carp want to get rod and reel but can't becuse don't know how to rig be real thankful if someone take time to show me:bonk:

    Critter, welcome to the forum. Whereabouts in the cities do you live? I'm in the Brooklyn Park area. I can walk you through whatever you need. Send me a PM and we can figure out a time and place to fish . Plus I might have some stuff sitting around which I can give you.

  8. all depends on the conditions. I prefer baiting up with home made boilies/chops. I might fish a store bough boilie glugged in the same enhancer  for a hook bait, over the freebies. But once again, all depends on the baiting strategy and external factors  (plus $$)

  9. 20 hours ago, Zhelko said:

    looks like I missed all the posts this summer, as I'm just logging in. 

    I fish minnetonka by the train depot in wayzata. fish is typically in the 12-16 lbs but I pulled multiple upper 20s (biggest was a 28lbs). the problem is that the weeds get really bad as soon as late May, and pulling the fish in becomes quite the challenge. 

    I'll keep a closer eye on this thread...


    Zhelko, are you still fishing? We've caught some decent fish this year-including a couple of 30's. If you are up for some fall fishing, let me know.

  10. I've heard of decent carp being pulled from Pepin, but haven't ventured out there for fishing. Most of the fishing I do on the Mississippi is near river junctions or dams. Pepin has a lot of large musky and am sure carping could be fun there. The whole ban of chumming and 1 rod rule made it difficult to plan a productive session this year. Maybe sometime soon.

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