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  1. Green peas, chick peas, beans---all work :-). When it comes to replacing cream corn with canned peas/beans, the salt in the cans really helps to attract fish.

    Chickpeas take in flavors well and used to be one of my favorite go to baits. Only problem is they come off once you hook a fish. Hard corn/maize stays on longer.

    Canned vegetables are a staple in my chum.

  2. very rare in MN. Have caught 1, seen 1 caught by another member. Saw 2 large ones being taken home by some guys-tried to ask them politely to release these rare fish but they were too excited about smoking them. At least they were not wasted I guess.

  3. As Jerome said,2.75 or 3 will both be fine.  Don't get too caught up with brand names and specifics. Just start fishing and over time you will develop your own style and know what works for you.  As for upgrading, it's going to happen regardless as you develop your style according to waters you fish :)






  4. With the temps in the 90's, this would be ice cream abuse! HAHA.

    I have used ice cream and whey in a boilie mix before and it seems to work just fine. If you want the pulling power/clouding effect with a stronger binding power, go with condensed milk instead of ice cream. Your hands will be sticky in no time... but that's a personal problem :-)

  5. Rod limit is 1 for yourself and one for your dog or invisible friend :-). I have been working with the DNR several times and am working on starting a petition for 2 rods. DNR says 2 or more rods will only result in people catching more tiny walleye and they are trying to prevent that. They don't want to have a separate rod limit for "rough" fish.



  6. How far are you able to walk and how crazy of a spot are you willing to fish?  Hastings has good spots, st paul has some spots. However, there are lots if shady characters coming out at night don't fish overnight at rivers by yourself.

    Coon rapids has some really long channels as well. 

  7. can you post a pic of you setup ? Everyone misses a hookup once in a while but since I started using a hair rig, my hookup % has increased a lot. The  size of hook vs the size of the bait, length of hair, hook not turning...there are a hundred different variables which could make you miss a fish.

  8. Is anyone fishing 2 rivers Wisc over 4th of July? A couple of us  from Minneosta might be out there July 2nd and 3rd. Open to making in a friendly border battle for bragging rights (for at least 1 day). It will be my first trip out there so just looking to enjoy a little time away from home.

  9. Are there any carp guys who fish in your area? Fishing with some seasoned anglers would make the the learning process much simpler. Just try to keep things simple and get comfortable with basic rigs first. If you are keen on using boilies, maybe start with a single boilie and get comfortable using hair rigs. 

    Welcome to the forum. There are tons of articles you can browse through and read up on. Youtube is also a fantastic resource for learning purposes. Once again, just keep it simple for now, it it can get overwhelming.



  10. I guess you are fishing in Illinois? Do you know much about the the stretch of the rock river flowing through Fort Atkinson? I have a family reunion there in a couple of months and am planning  on doing some pre dawn fishing :-)

    But anyways, sounds like you had a blast. 

  11. 14 hours ago, CarpDaddy said:

    Perfectly understandable if this is not your cup of tea.  We all make choices.

    Every single one of us is trying to catch fish by taking advantage of their feeding patterns.  I use method mixes, packbaits, and spods.  Ive even dumped buckets of corn over the side of the boat into the mighty St Lawrence.  I had a marvelous session fishing mulberries under a tree overhanging   the water.  If you cant fish for carp eating food i put out for them or food that Nature provides....  well... I just dont see how this is gonna work out.  :wacko: :lol:


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