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  1. I tried using my drone with a pva string holding a bag.not a good idea. I was able dissolve the string and drop the bag but the leftover string caused a mess.  Lucky I was in 2 feet of water and hit the drone to drop on the bank.


    By the way, I have a parrot bebop2 drone for sale :)

  2. Hey, is that Anthony? We have been chatting over email over the last few days. I think you mentioned that you stopped by coon rapids already.

    So far, all the fish I've caught have been about an hour and half west of the cities. That being said, the mississippi should start heating up real soon. Just look up any boat ramp near brooklyn center/brooklyn park. They offer easy access and fish seem to congregate :-).

    Let us know if you need any help navigating the forum. There is a TON of information available.

  3. Looks like you are having fun. I took a few years off from carping and focused on fishing catfish but the itch returned last year. You don't need puffs to haul but puffs can be devastating at times :-)

  4. 1 hour ago, FJR1 said:

    Prior Joliet event anglers are reminded that the "newbies" will be tough.  I've fished in events with Dave H., Carver H., and Aniq, and they are all top-notch.  I would assume Brett and Tony are also formidable.  Anybody's contest to win.  Good luck to all! --Frank

    Frank, I have no clue what you are talking about. I only fish with crank bait and top water poppers for carp. Occasionally I use a 10 inch sucker minnow. I am sure you do the same :-)

  5. If you have fish ins in your area, feel free to ask other carpers if you can try out their rods for a couple of casts. It helps to try before you buy :-)

    You don't always need to cast our 4 oz lead (am sure some places require heavy lead and long casts). I started off with a 30$ 12 foot NGT rod and a bait runner from ebay ($20). that setup worked great! I slowly moved to heavier gear but I still use the old setup for short sessions.

    For small lakes or streams, I still use a 7 foot ugly stick and a cheap bait runner. I don't need to cast more than 20 yards in those places. My recommendation would be start with simpler gear and then move up over time. But it's totally up to you :-). Good luck and tight lines!

  6. Was great to see the Bold family catch 3 PB's in one day! Way to go!

    The bullheads were hungry all weekend, picking up anything from corn to double 20mm boilies.. We also hooked into some nice channel cats.

    We had some newbies catch some carp as well. They had a blast.

    Once again, CT prepared a fantastic meal for us!








  7. CT, thank you for hosting the fish in and also for an amazing  dinner. 

    Since people joined the fish in at different times, we decided to keep it a friendly event without anyone winning medals (medals will be used for  next  fish in). Congratulations  to Mike Bold for landing the largest fish of the day. His CAG membership will be covered by me. 

    Pics to follow.

  8. Rain or Shine, the fish in will take place. Looks like the weather should hold but we might have some rain in the afternoon. We will fish from CT's back yard so that we can get to shelter right away if it does rain. 

    A few of us are fishing there this evening so there will already be some bait in the water for tomorrow. Fishing should be great!

    Directions: Turn next to Lake Marion Supper Club ( 11331 MN-15, Brownton, MN 55312 ). This is a dead end . We will have signs up so you can find the cabin. The cabin will be on your left. I will have a black Honda CRV parked there. My cell no. is 507 269 7732.


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