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  1. Water is warming up. Temps on Sunday will be in the mid to high 60's with less than 20% chance of rain. Fishing should be fantastic.

    Just google Lake Marion Supper Club. Turn towards the supper club and follow the road down (it's a dead end). We will have signs along the way.

    So far ,we have 8 or so people coming. Hoping more can make it.

    If you need to call me, my cell no. is 507 269 732

  2. I like the gardner catapult. It lets me chuck boilies a fair distance .I can chuck out small method balls as well. . I do like the wide stance of the catapult frame. I've had it for 3 years or so  and still like it a lot. If you were to buy something similar, I would get  one with a knuckle protector. The recoil does get a little annoying after a whole bunch of throws.  

    The elastic did break after a year so I put on some cheap bands from ebay (they actually work better than the original).

  3. Just a reminder. The fish in will take place SUNDAY, April 24th. I'm probably fishing overnight there on the 23rd to test the headlamp.

    If we have a decent turnout, we will set up pegs and do a random draw. I will take the last peg remaining.

    The fishing location on the lake will be determined by which way the wind is blowing. If the wind blows towards the dock, we will set up on the dock and the shoreline adjacent to the dock. Otherwise we can also use the park on the side of the lake.

    Please make sure you have your MN license.

    All fish must be released. 

    There will be no fee . Any Non Cag member who makes it to the top 3, will get  a  1 year CAG membership. 

    So far we have: Jaffar, Aniq, CT, Mike, Joe, CT's work friend? There are a few other people interested but we need confirmation.

    Let's just have fun! 

    PS: There are some real beauties in this lake. If anyone needs to borrow rods/alarms/tackle, just ask :-)

    PB 24.11.jpg

  4. I have the first MN fish in for 2016 on the calendar.  I will probably have 2-3 more fish ins this year and will update the calendar accordingly. Since it's still snowing here in crazy town MN,  I haven't really met too many new people on the bank yet. I am chatting with a few prospective CAG members and encouraging them to join us for a day fishing. If an non member catches the largest fish (or most interesting fish or something like that), I am okay with covering their membership for the first year.

    I'm also getting a fair bit interest from bowfishermen asking about where were fish, so am not publishing the exact spots in other fishing forums for now.



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