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  1. I am starting to look at dates for our first MN Fish In (April). I will be hosting a second fish in in Summer as well. So far, people seem to be really interested in hats since it promotes a conversation and one size fits all :-)


    • CAG hats (3 hats should do) . Will spread out at prizes for fish ins.
    • Medals (Gold Silver Bronze for fish ins. These will be used  when fish ins have more people)

    Address: Sending you PM.

  2. 13 hours ago, Bold2013 said:

    I'm currently scheduled that day but if I can switch I will try to be there

    Mike, hope you can make it. Should be a fun day. If we have a small turnout, we might have the fish in from the dock. Otherwise we can utilize a lot of bank space by on the other side of the lake.

  3. It's already on the calendar. It will be a good practice run before any of the larger tournaments.The lake has plenty of 20's and possibly some beasts.

    Looking to see who all are interested. It will be in Brownton MN. If weather permits, we might even fish overnight after the fish in is over.

    Free event. I'm trying to get some prizes for largest carp caught. Maybe a prize for the largest bullhead caught (though I know I will win this one given my luck with bullheads)

    If you are unable to message on CAG email me at weltravelled@yahoo.com .




  4. I often use a lot of flavors in rivers, but less or none on lakes (in my packs/pva etc). In the end, some flavors and contraptions are really for the carp angler and less for the carp. It gives us something  to tinker with, something to mix and match-have a story to tell. I do think that some flavor makes a difference when there are other people fishing near by. You can attract fish towards your swim and away from others. I feel that though flavor can tune in carp to your swim, they are all just looking for nutrition. But at the same time, adding sweet corn to your pack will draw in a lot of carp and sweet corn has no real nutritional value. :bonk:

    Overall- sweet, salty and spicy are 3 things I focus on for flavoring pack/method/pva mixes.  In the end,all of those flavor profiles can be met from a grocery store isle. I know I don't need to keep buying flavors from tackle shops, but I still end up shelling out $ every time. 

    In the end, we do tend to overthink things. The most fun I've ever had fishing has been using a split shot, a hook and half a worm. I've caught countless  fish with this setup. I've had great luck with bread, maggots etc. If we are all fishing for fun, we should all be using the simplest setup and simply enjoy the experience of fishing. But, we all enjoy making things complicated :-)

    The end.

  5. It all depends on the day, the wind, the water.  I can tell you what works for me in each season, but that will never match what works for someone else.  The best way is to keep a strict fishing log and see what works over time. 

    Sweet corn, salt,spices work for me year round. Everything else is trial and error 


  6. I fish a warm water discharge from a nuclear plant. It's funny to see bass fishermen in waders standing in chest deep water when it's 5 degrees outside, but the water is over 75 degrees there. The problem is, that stretch of river is absolutely full of boats and bass fishermen and it makes catching carp very difficult since there is so much disturbance. I did see a couple of 20+ pigs caught there a few weeks ago but  they were snagged. My bite alarms stayed silent though :-(

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