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  1. Found some fish in the somerville area but couldn't get them to hit. They were feeding but would swim right over my offerings. Seems like they are keyed into vegetation on the bottom. Finally tried chumming and had one hit but it went right into the weeds. Saw a lot of fish but very frustrating.
  2. If I can find them in an area where I can cast to them...The problem I have is either they turn and don't move over the fly or they get spooked when I try and inch the fly into their path. I have gotten them on black whooly buggers and on a green, pink, and gold bead head streamer. The key for me seems to be that I have to be able to see the fly on the bottom so I can get the fly in position and see the take. I have hooked into 20lb plus fish but have only landed fish up to around 15lbs. Since the weather warned up and weeds grew in, I have been unable to find fish in my usual spots.
  3. I have landed about a dozen on the fly since first trying last year. That being said, about half of those came after some chumming. For example, when I see them in an area, I will toss in some corn, just enough to get them feeding and looking. Once they are actively feeding I will drop a fly right in their path...cheating a little but I have also gotten a few without chumming.
  4. I am trying to flyfish for carp but often use corn in difficult to cast spots. I always wear a hat and polarized glasses but if the fish are not there they are just not there.
  5. thanks for the replies. I find that the early morning are good but the angle of the sun makes it hard to spot fish. I'll try alewife. Anyone flyfish for carp here?
  6. I am just getting into carp fishing and am looking for places to sight fish for them. I had a few places in Bosoton where fish were showing regularly through June but now I am having trouble. I know a few places where carp likely are in deeper water but I am looking to sight fish. Any suggestions would help, no need for a spot burn but a suggestion or point in the right direction would be really appreciated. I want to stay close to Boston on the cambridge side, a few miles tops. Happy to trade my spring early summer spots for summer locals if you want to PM.
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