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  1. I would be very interested! I'll probably bring my brother too. I've never been to any of the venues you listed but they're all within driving range for me. I'll definitely be checking this thread often!
  2. I've still got mine, but haven't used it yet.
  3. Is there any real logic behind their claims that carp "take over" and that they've "changed the ecosystem, nearly wiping out native species"? Maybe I've missed something, but most of what I've read has claimed to debunk most of those theories. I live very close to Douglas Lake, and it's packed with all kinds of "more desirable species". But all the rivers that feed Douglas Lake are full of carp and have been for at least 100 years. What haven't they destroyed that ecosystem? Keep in mind these are genuine questions, I don't claim to be educated about the subject. Didn't I see a member on the
  4. Sounds like a blast! My brother goes fishing with me a lot, I'll probably sign him up as a member before then so he can enter too. Plus, I'll have someone to help take the pictures.
  5. Potentially! I just took up carp fishing about two months ago, so I've obviously never fished in winter, but I sure plan to! I actually made a photosphere of the spot while waiting for a bite one day when the water was at normal levels: https://www.google.com/maps/@35.9421539,-83.17849,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-eIoyBy31tsA%2FVeGXHsVjVXI%2FAAAAAAAAIi0%2FYI_UWH4hhq0!2e4!3e11!6s%2F%2Flh6.googleusercontent.com%2F-eIoyBy31tsA%2FVeGXHsVjVXI%2FAAAAAAAAIi0%2FYI_UWH4hhq0%2Fw203-h101-n-k-no%2F!7i9728!8i4864
  6. Hi guys, I've had a blast this morning! I thought this was kind of like a discovery month entry but not really, since it's my same spot that I've been fishing for about 6 weeks now. But, we've had a ton of rain over the last few days, and the river is getting really high. The place where I usually put my chair is under about 2 feet of water. Check out the levels for the past few days here: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?site_no=03461500 Anyhow, a couple weeks ago I went early Saturday morning after it had rained on Friday & didn't catch a thing. It was just dead, no bites or anything. I
  7. Sounds great Cannonball! Or maybe even Vonor near Sweetwater? It looks like there's a big wide spot in the Little Tennessee river there, look like carp area to you? https://www.google.com/maps/@35.5723219,-84.153052,35144m/data=!3m1!1e3
  8. Yeah, maybe next year when I have a little more experience. GA is certainly closer than IL where I see there's a lot of stuff happening right now. I also worked a little bit with the Church of God near Tifton, GA a few years back. Beautiful place!
  9. I actually went to school @ Lee University for a few semesters & worked for the Church of God helping run media for Winterfest, gotta love Clevegas!
  10. Just out of curiosity, how long does it take for you guys to ship the welcome packet? I'm very excited to get the baiting needles & bait stops to try out hair rigs & my swim.
  11. Hi guys! To try to make a long story short, my dad grew up in a small house here in East Tennessee that was sandwiched between the Pigeon River and the railroad tracks downtown on about 150' of property. He grew up poor, and spent most of his time fishing. There were several houses on that stretch of river, and back in those days they would just throw their scraps in the river while inadvertently chumming some of the largest carp I've ever seen. When I was a boy, he'd take me fishing with a dough ball made from "light" bread covering the whole hook & a split-shot sinker. A few minutes lat
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