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  1. Brian Way to go, That's always good to catch on a first visit. I am unable to fish this weekend, too many commitments. There is another place south of Columbia, Eagle bluffs conservation area and several of the pools there are full of carp, grass and commons....I even saw a mirror come out one day to another angler, you might want to check it out Kevin
  2. Brian The fish are very close to, if not spawning...there have been several evenings where bow hunters have been out with jon boats with huge arrays of lights on them, however the water is murky so their work is cut out for them, the other reason I know this is they have gone completely off the feed. I went out Friday night to give the new bait a shakedown, Pacific Tuna from CCMoore....I used single hookbaits below a size 8 Korda Kaptor with a simple line aligner on 5" silkworm hoolinks to a 2oz inline square lead, all of this was dropped in a small pva bag with some zeigler sinking trout pellet, ccmoore trout pellet, mixed boilie crumb and some of the pacific tuna pellet. After my experience last year the fish stay close to the pads in daylight so I dropped 2 rods right in the edges of the pads and one in open water. I started fishing at about 8pm and at 2am I had to reel in to get some sleep, I have never in my life caught so many catfish...probably 2 dozen between 2-10lb with constant aborted takes and 4" lifts of the indicators. I do know one thing I know what bait I'll use when I want to catch them. The Pacific Tuna is heavy on the robin red, fish meal, tuna meal etc so it has an almost sickly sweet fishy smell, it's certainly effective. At 6 am I got the lines back out and instantly had another 3lb channel cat and after that it got very quiet, I had to wait till I was packing away the bivvy for my next take at almost exactly 8am, this was different, a couple of quick bleeps and it roared off. I lifted into a solid fish without the writhing headbanging that you get from a catfish, straight into the pads, I learned my lesson last year...so I kept the rod high and walked backwards, the fish rolled on the surface and went to open water, a few more minutes and it was in the net, 14lb and the prettiest fish I have ever caught in the US till a bit later Kev
  3. Brian Time Flies! I have fished the lake a couple of times and the fish haven't spawned yet, a couple of warm weeks will get them going but until then the carp are feeding pretty well I did a late night session (Saturday the 30th)on the nearby Peters Lake and had a couple and then switched to the feed from Peters Lake into DC Rogers and had a few in 2ft of water (lots of fun) I'll be heading there Friday evening for an overnight session with the bivvy and using PVA bags with pellet/boilies to see if I can get the larger fish interested, a 200 acre lake and the average is low double figures, I'll post anything of note. hopefully you'll be down this way soon Kevin
  4. Brian I can't honestly tell you about May as literally I have only been visiting the lake since early September, if you have a boat that can get you to the bank in other areas it would be useful but I'll be honest by saying I have fished two spots one being a shelf on the far side of one area of pads not far from the boat ramp about 60 yds out and another directly along side the pads, and as you can guess the pads out fishes the shelf by a large margin. I'd go with 30lb braid mainline and stay right on the rods if you fish near them. They fish respond very well to prebaiting, having a great day a couple of weeks ago after a couple of evenings spodding a cheap seed mix with added corn, so finding a shallow area with a hard bottom and hitting it with lots of bait might be the ticket. if you are coming down I may have to get the place ready Kevin
  5. Brian, apologies for the late reply I can confirm there are a lot of carp to be caught in that lake, very difficult access without a boat.....average depth is 6 ft in the upper part of the lake and down to about 15ft in the lower part near the dam, lots of lilly pads in the coves and shallows, lots of natural food, best results I have had are to hair rigged corn with a seed mix spodded over the top, 8 in one afternoon the biggest being only 12lb Kevin
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