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  1. Hi anybody fish around the South Bend/Elkhart region of Indiana
  2. Took a walk with the dog down at Merrified Park on the St Joe, ice is gone and it looked good
  3. Dave please add me, to the waiting list
  4. Thanks for all the welcomes, hopefully will get to meet some of you over the 2016
  5. Obsessed Carper, In process of getting some new tackle, should be ready to start over the Christmas break
  6. Thanks for the information will try the St Joe over the winter
  7. Thanks for the response guys, hopefully will be able to met up with some of you in the spring or summer. Tight lines
  8. Hi guys My name is Martyn and a new member, originally from England and fished all my life been in the Sates for about 14 years now, Decided to dust off the old carp gear and start carping again after seeing a few nice size carp while bass fishing form my Kayak, are there many members down in the South West of the State, Niles area as was thinking of starting on the St Joe river, Thanks and tight lines Martyn
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