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  1. @clay34 , thanks. I picked up a kayak last summer and plan to target carp on fly at the area lakes. Please share your experiences. One thing I noticed with kayak sight-fishing for carp, was I'd spot the carp, and by the time I got the flyrod out of the holder, the wind had either pushed me out of range or too close to the carp. I ordered but have yet to install an anchor trolley, and a push pole. Hopefully that'll work. I thought about an anchor, but the way our lakes get weeds, I'd spend more time pulling weeds off the anchor after pulling in, than fishing. I recently saw on youtube of saltwater kayak fisherman on the flats, starting to fabricate a casting platform on their kayaks for a better view. That might be in the works for me. Take care.
  2. 19 MAR 17 - The weather was warm enough where fish were starting to move up Papio Creek, from the Missouri River. Caught this one on a Fl pink San Juan worm. I started seeing mud plumes out of the current, then 2 shadows started moving towards the bank. I cast out, dragged & dropped it close to the bank. When the shadow looked like it was over the fly, I started a slow long strip until the line came tight. There wasn't much of a fight, because I believe the water is still cool for the fish.
  3. You got that right Cannonball. Once you think you have carp figured out, you're left with an empty fly, because you've just been thrown a curve ball. I have to scout out some stillwater carp locations because our primary fishing location, creek is running fast, high, & muddy after all the rain. Trying to wait patiently to get back to some sightfishing action.
  4. Cannonball, don't know if this will help, but I tailor the flies I tie based on the local forage. For me they're aquatic worms, midges, eggs in creeks & something meaty in stillwaters. What's your local forage there?
  5. Thanks. Watching the carp take the fly made it worth it.
  6. Sidewalks or bike trails are nice. We wear close to knee high rubber boots, because it can get muddy.
  7. I'm always looking at everyday items, and trying to see how I can use them to tie flies. These are girls' polyband hair ties. What other items have you used & were successful in hooking fish with? These are a green midge pattern on a #10 hook. This little rooting common liked it. It was so windy, the best way to present the fly was to drag & drop it.
  8. Hopefully the banks of your homewater/s aren't as steep as here. Sometimes we have to slide down, to net the carp. After hooking, you walk the carp to a location you can safely get down to the bank. We're waiting for the creek to clear, so my fishing partner & I went to Lincoln, NE to check out a city lake near Memorial Stadium. It was windy, but we saw tailing carp. The best way to cast was to flip your fly like bass fisherman flip jigs; basically a modified drag & drop. The carp were smaller, possibly due to winterkill. I was able to land 2, and my fishing partner 3. I caught mine on a green midge & brown carp crab pattern.
  9. Cannonball, if the bread fly doesn't work, try a terrestrial pattern.
  10. In the creek we fish, during spring, carp love & will chase down aquatic worm patterns, like a San Juan worm. Mine are nothing fancy; lead wound to the bend & the vernille tied right on top. Doesn't look pretty, but the carp don't mind. I've see them break off their feeding station to chase the worm down. Colors that work are different shades of red, especially bubble-gum pink & fl fucshia. Go figure. In summer, I have to size down to #12's & smaller. The flies have to be drab colors; tans, olives, etc, with just a hint of flash. Midges, nymphs, and aquatic worm patterns will work. During fall, the SJW still works, but I've had more success with egg patterns, especially peach, cream colors. Is your homewater moving or stillwater? I saw a youtube video of a bread fly made out of foam. Might have to give it a try. Take care.
  11. Cannonball, have to warn you, once you hook/land one, you may not want to fish anything else with a flyrod. It'll definitely test your fishing skills; knots, casting, presentation, fighting, and landing. What's your forage base there? Good luck to you.
  12. 9 MAR 16-1627: Hooked & landed my first carp for 2016 on a local creek. Several carp were mudding. I cast a blood red San Juan worm ahead of a shadow I saw moving, and was rewarded with a good hookset.
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