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  1. Hi evan 

    im moving to waxhaw in July from the uk and am going to be looking for a few spots to catch a few carp I'd be very appreciated if you could head me in the right direction,I'm thinking wylie but there aren't many spots that haven't got houses on? So any help would be great

    cheers Dunc

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    2. Freebird


      Hi Evan 

      really enjoyed the fishing yesterday had 6 in total all buffs ranging from 10-14.4lbs cracking day and am going back next week!! Gonna go the day before and Pre bait with about 3-5kg of deer feed corn (as it cheap) and soak it for the night. Have you ever used it before? It's the first time iv used pack bait before and I like it a lot cheaper than the stuff I was using in the uk!

    3. Freebird


      For some reason I can't upload pics to show you the files are apparently too big

    4. Evan C.

      Evan C.

      Happy to hear you got some fish. The smaller buffs are fun but wait until you get a 40+! As far as the deer corn, the normal prep is soak for 24hrs and then boil until you can split it with a finger nail. I have found however that I have had better results by boiling it longer (keep adding water as needed) until the proteins start to jell up and the corn "pops" kind of like wet pop corn. I also add a lot of sugar and sea salt to mine - fish seem to love it. Also if you are looking for bait options go to a feed store - the bait options are just about endless. Cracked corn is about the best feed (for cheap) I think as it holds the fish longer (smaller particles). Basically prep is the same as field corn but you can soak it for less time. There are endless packs out there, my favorites are grits and panko/bread.

      In windows photo gallery you can resize photos so they will upload. Its what I use. You can just send them to me at ecartabiano@gmail.com - always enjoy fish pics!

      Sorry about the delayed response, I don't seem to get notifications of posts of this type. The biggest reason to join CAG is for this right here - the connection. You also get access to the members only section of the forum which has lots of good info. And you can enter the FFF which is something I really enjoy as well as other member only events. However, I will be relocating to Texas later this month so the Carolina's will be without a state chair for at least the short term. Feel free to keep up the conversation however and I'll be happy to help anyway I can.


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