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  1. Billy

    Grass carp

    What other baits do you guys use? I was planing on chumming one area of the pond for a week and not touching it. Any chum recommendations?
  2. Billy

    Grass carp

    Thank you zirjacks, that is very helpful. I will try it out
  3. Billy

    Grass carp

    Hi zirjacks what is a range cube?
  4. Billy

    Grass carp

    Could be but must grass carp when stocked are sterilized so they can't reproduce and I don't think grass carp can spawn in ponds. Even if they were to be spawning I have tried in summer, fall, winter and have still had no luck.
  5. Billy

    Grass carp

    I am prepared to catch it I have my net hook removers and everything ready. I would not want to hurt the fish at all that's why I'm not a bow fisherman. I'm looking for baits and rigs people use to catch them. Sweet corn just doesn't work for these grass carp or bread. Any grass carp bollies or baits recommendations would help a lot.
  6. Billy

    Grass carp

    The carp come very close to shore to feed and I see there tails in the water. I don't no what there feeding on. They don't respond to my bait even though it's right next to them. I have used flies and they ignore it. They have been in the pond for over 13 years feeding on natural things so maybe it's because they have no need to eat anything else.
  7. Billy

    Grass carp

    The carp do not respond to bread at all. They never eat in top of the surface at my pond. The pond is over 2 acres at least. It is private, so I'm the only one to fish there. They carp have never been caught before. I have not tried • Biscuit dough •Earth worms •or bollies
  8. Billy

    Grass carp

    Thanks, any bite alarm recommendations? I currently use bells. I have never tried bollies or any of the common baits used in Europe. I'm not sure what ones to try any recommendations?
  9. Billy

    Grass carp

    I have tried sweet corn on a hair rig they don't even look at it. They spook very easily. I have tried fly fishing for them and using all sorts of baits.
  10. I have a big pond next to my house with huge grass carp. If I have to guess they are around 50 pounds. I have tried everything for bait and have had no luck. I have spent over two years trying to catch one out of my pond with no success. Any help??
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