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  1. Right. Let's just say Congratulations to the young man. Period. No bashing, no sniping. Just congrats on a great fish. FWIW, They thought they might have a record fish. In order to get a record certified in Ohio, "All record fish are to be examined by an Ohio Division of Wildlife fisheries biologist to determine correct species." Nearly impossible to get a record and release it. Lux
  2. That's true of most of my family!
  3. Here are the flies from the 2006 Carp Anglers Group Swap: 2006 CAG Fly Swap All look pretty carpy to me.
  4. I can only speak about streams/rivers. The fish do spook, but they come back quickly. Sometimes in under a minute, sometimes 10-15 minutes. The only thing that scares them off for a long time is my son throwing rocks and sticks. Lux
  5. Nice work! Fly of choice?
  6. If only I didn't have to work... Keep me in mind next time, eh? Lux
  7. Welcome! I'm an hour or so east of you, between Delaware and Marysville. Lot's of carpy water in Ohio.
  8. Is that how they keep the duck population under control? Nice catch.
  9. Nicely done. I would need to use something to put a loop on a rock... perhaps light twine. Would rot away after I lose it. I may have to experiment. Thanks for the info!
  10. I'd like to see that too. I may adapt it for use with a piece of gravel as my weight. I have a driveway full!
  11. If I'm not too late to post a thought... Try the edges (margins for our English brethren). Fish 6-20 feet off shore. The current is usually slower and shallower. Also there will (probably) be more food there. I use a sliding sinker 6"-12" above the hook, and only enough weight to hold the bottom. If I'm in an eddy or slack water, I skip the weight (free lining). I use plain-old egg sinkers, they are cheap and available in many sizes. Cheap is important in my river as the bottom is made up of rocks ranging from golf-ball to basketball size. No sense losing expensive weights. One other thought, a simpler rig will have less hardware to tangle in the debris. Lux
  12. Nice job and congrats on a new fly PB! Amen to that.
  13. Welcome! I'm curious about your name/handle. It wouldn't be related to a great song from the 1960's would it? Lux
  14. My semi-retired father took my son and I on a week-long smallmouth bass trip last week. We went to Wakomata Lake in Ontario. The boy is only 9 so we were a little concerned about boredom. The fish were very cooperative though. We averaged 40-50 smallies and rockbass each day. We each got one decent sized one. The boy at 16", me at 18", and poor Grandpa at 15" Gramps did manage quite a trick though. He caught a 29" pike on 10# mono without a leader! He was throwing a wacky-rigged Gulp stickworm on a #1 hook. We nearly soiled ourselves when the pike went airborne. "Get the net, get the net, get the net!" He ended up getting two more pike later in the week, one on a leech on a #1 circle hook, and another on a Rapala X-Rap. No leader either time. Wakomata is a large lake NE of Sault Ste. Marie. I highly recommend it, and the place we stayed was great, Wakomata Shores Resort. I have no affiliation with them, but I am a very happy customer. We're already planning on going back next year. Lux
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