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  1. Hello fellow Carpers!! I just wanted to drop a brief note in here and to all CAG members and followers of all things Carpy to say thank you. I have decided it is time to pack up the rods, pods, bivvies and bikes and much other paraphernalia and move over to the other side of the Pond, back home to Blighty. Having had a number of family events over the past few years I find I need to spend more time in England and as such will be moving back there in the next few weeks. I want to say thank you to everyone I have met here, on the banks, at the CAG NACA conferences, at the tournament
  2. Spring Big 4 2019 These are the final and definitive rules for the CAG Spring Big 4 2019. (Note Rule 1 is now complete and there are no more admissions to the competition.) It is the Competitors responsibility to read and understand these rules. Any questions about these rules must be made within the period of the competition. If in doubt ask! No changes or allowances will be made to catches or uploads that are outside of these rules. To enter the competition you must be a paid up CAG member and have registered and paid your entry fee of $10.00 payable i
  3. In order to clarify matters Rule 10 has been updated as follows. 10. For the first 48 hours only we will also accept entries (in addition to a printed version) where the CAG Spring Big 4 Logo is clearly visible on a cell phone or iPad or similar any of which must be in the photo. Th is will be acceptable only for fish caught on March 15th and March 16th allowing everyone time to print the required paper version.
  4. Regions as below plus Region V which covers Canada & Mexico To qualify for a Regional Award you must act within all the Rules for the Spring Big 4 2019 and have the State of Capture started in the Leaderboard for all fish in your top 4 which MUST be the same State.
  5. Add your posts here with your top catches.
  6. Prizes for the Top Ten Overall positions of all Competitors: The Spring Big 4 Top Ten 1st - $300 * 2nd - $150 * 3rd - $100 * 4th - $75 * 5th - $50 * 6th thro' 10th - $30 each Gift Certificates to the above retail value with Big Carp Tackle. Thank you BCT!!!!!!!!! - Additional Prizes will be awarded for the overall Biggest Common and Biggest Mirror - two individual prizes to be announced. - 1 Award for the Spring Big 4 from each of the 5 regions
  7. Over the past several months we have looked at all of the comments made about the Big 4 competitions. We have made some changes to dates, upload methods and and criteria. Please ensure you have read the rules so that all of your qualifying fish are counted. After gathering feedback, from you the anglers, we have lengthened the period of the Spring Big 4 to cover the typical spawning periods across North America. To enter the competition you must be a paid up CAG member and have registered and paid your entry fee of $10.00 payable in the CAG Store for the Spring Big 4 2019 betw
  8. I have been covering this. There will be a follow up tomorrow individually. If you haven’t registered a state and therefor a region your catches will not count....that’s the rule and it’s been stated more than several times.
  9. Ok. Here is the map. No this is not an idea, it is not in the air it is the rules. I believe a question was asked and it was answered at the outset. I am about to re-post the map
  10. Jerome... the regional issue was answered sometime ago but here it is again. Register and log your State as requested previously. Your State will fall into a tegion based on the map (yes the same map as BCT). Fish count towards your total that are caught by you in that region. No other fish caught by you count that are caught outside of the region. I will post that map again.
  11. New rules this year Bill. In order to make it balanced we decided to make it a regional competition. When you register you confirm your State which then shows which region you will fish in. You can only submit fish from one Region.
  12. Share your fish, fishing and expedition photos here.......
  13. It’s in the Store. Go to Store and look for the 2018 Spring Big Four....
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