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  1. Franky you are right, it is the same tight line technique we use for trout except it was sight casting in shallow rapids to tailing carp. We use a technique known as mono (monofilament) nymphing, which is no fly line on the reel, just backing attached to an 11 foot self-constructed nymphing leader with hi-vis strike indicator line. We use a 3 fly team with the dropper on the bottom.
  2. Hi and good day from sunny South Africa, we are a group of four 20 odd year old passionate fly fishermen and we fish all over South Africa for any fish that will take a fly! Please check out this carp that member Kevin Snyman caught on Friday in the Vaal river in Gauteng province. This 12kg (26 pound) bull of a carp was hooked and landed in a 40 min fight on a 5-weight rod! We do a lot of fresh water river angling for Trout, yellowish, barbell and carp. Please feel free to check us out on YouTube (Uncharted Fly Fishing). Kev used a self tied black nymph and he was using a type of polish nymphing technique which seems to work best in this particular river.
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