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  1. swiss

    carp fly swap

    Hokay. So. Mine are officially in the mail. And, belive it or not, it is cheaper to send a box than an envelope. So don't be alarmed.
  2. Jake, I am sick of your shenanigans. However, as mistakes go, I don't think you caused anyone bodily injury.
  3. swiss

    carp fly swap

    Whoops. My bad. Mine are in the mail (soon), #6... something. looks like a prince nymph with rubber legs.
  4. swiss

    carp fly swap

    I still have a whole box of flies that I ordered for the last swap, but didn't get delivered until 6 months later (!) so I'm in.
  5. swiss


    Moral of story: 6 pound is too light. But aren't the fish that get away the ones that live largest in our hearts?
  6. ... I have called off fishing sessions due to fire ants. You sir are a brave man.
  7. swiss

    new PB

    Okay, so, on one hand, you have a new PB. On the other, you're now officially old. Congratulations.
  8. Add my vote for loop connecting...
  9. Looks like you could tear some bass up with it.
  10. Those are some really clean looking fish! And that 38 is niiiice.....
  11. Get out there with some #65 powerpro and see who gets owned...
  12. I never knew how giant you guys were. That fish looks like it weighs six pounds... tops.
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