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  1. Not sure. The combo is $40 but that comes with a regular spinning reel. I like the bait runner reels and they're not too pricey.
  2. I'm currently in the beginning phase of my carp fishing. I'm planning on picking up a couple 7 foot ugly stiks and using a simple Carolina rig with a hair rig on the hook.
  3. Most of the waters I'll fish are pretty unpressured so I was planning on running mostly hair rigs but I wanted to have a second choice as a backup. What other rigs would be a good second choice? I was looking at a 360 but I've recent read about it damaging mouths.
  4. Do tactics differ much between the two or is it pretty much the same way of fishing?
  5. What are some other methods of bite indication if you don't have or plan on using alarms?
  6. JT Donovan

    New guy

    New guy from the Lansing area. I've caught a few carp by accident fishing the Grand but never specifically targeted them. I've been watching a lot of European carp videos lately and the whole way they fish fascinates me.
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