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  1. I'm heading to fish lake Cammack for the first time this weekend, any tips pointers from anyone?
  2. My wife probably thinks it would be cheaper to play the horses
  3. Thanks cannonball, it's a great site and I have already picked up lots of tips. I have lived on the NC coast before and there is nothing better than seafood off the dock.
  4. I was an avid carp/ tench fisherman before I left England 30 years ago, I lived in S Fla for almost 20 years so I traded carp for snapper but the carp bug has hit again. I am purchasing some tackle and pre made rigs (unfortunately boilies and hair rigs were just starting to be used in my area in England so my experience with them is zero) and watching lots of you tube videos... Any tips of where to fish would be helpful, I have read reviews on Crabtree lake and that might be a good start, the closest lake to me is Harris lake, has anyone fished there?
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