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  1. I haven't posted in a while. So I thought this would be a fitting pic to use to do so... Really stoked on this catch! This was the culmination of all the skills I've been learning the last 2 years being put to work. I've been trying to select for larger fish out of a small, local urban pond in my area. After countless tries of mid and upper teens, I finally hit my goal of breaking the 20 pound mark on a fish from the swim. Not my biggest ever, but it will certainly be a memorable fish for me!
  2. Some from a different session. The larger one had a stubby tail that had healed over. It took a little bite off of him, but still a fun catch...
  3. Here's some catch photos of some fish I've been pulling out of a local urban park pond. The water isn't very big. So I think a twenty would be a high prize from the water. Eighteen is the closest I've gotten so far, but it's been a blast trying!
  4. Sometimes it's incredibly exciting like electro-fishing up huge bass and carp However, other times it's incredibly boring and a lot of research, writing, and reporting. Fortunately the aquarium portion of my job means I get to leave the boring stuff up to otehr people, lol!
  5. Yeah sure! I work for the East Bay Regional Park District in the SF Bay area. Part of my job entails fisheries surveys and management, and the other part is serving as curator for all of the District's aquariums. This includes our 1500 gallon Mobile Fish Exhibit that we take to local elementary schools and special events. When the fish aren't on the road they are housed in our aquarium lab that I manage. The collection consists of freshwater fish (native and nonnative) of the greater Bay area.
  6. Great information, thanks! I have already been using the voice camera option on my phone, but I had a lot of difficulty find the right camera angle and support. I'll definitely have to add this to my equipment.
  7. While on a recent trip back to my home town in Louisiana I tried to implement my new carp fishing skills in some old waters. When the turtles and catfish showed up to ruin that idea, I shifted to throwing some live bluegill out to try for big catfish. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a nice spotted gar. So I shifted tactics again and started focusing solely on gar. That decision ended up giving me the crown jewel of my angling trip back home in the form of this 34 pound beauty of an alligator gar!
  8. Greetings everyone. I joined CAG around the start of the Spring Big Four, and I've been lurking around ever since. So I thought I'd do a quick introduction to say hi. I'm a California carper out in the San Francisco Bay Area. My forum name comes from the fact that I do ANYTHING that has to do fish: marine biologist, fisheries scientist, angler, spear-fisherman, scuba diver, and native fish enthusiast. Oh and I drive an aquarium on wheels for a living! I began carp fishing not quite 2 years ago when I met a buddy originally from England who started showing me the ropes. I've been hooked ev
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