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  1. I have been fishing for carp most of my life but have recently switched over to the UK way...hair rigs, method feeders, boilies etc. I'm looking for some help on pack baits. Right now I use a very basic one of: oatmeal, strawberry jello and cream corn. I've had some success but not as much as when I was just using dough ball baits and just a regular hook. Any help with some different pack baits would be greatly appreciated.
  2. i hate to admit that i am tech stupid....lol...but i am
  3. caught 2 decent carp sunday. 1 mirror 21 lbs and 1 (i think) koi, not sure on the weight my scale went down. not sure if i posted the pictures correctly...keeps saying they are too big...the pics not the carp...lol file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/spa12808/My%20Documents/Downloads/20170611_094303-1.jpg file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/spa12808/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/carp%20pic.jpg
  4. Andy L

    Soak time

    How long will you leave your line in the water before you reel in and cast to another spot? I like to be patient but I want to make sure I am not being too patient. Btw, I am fishing with bollies and, either, a rice or oat pack bait. Thanks
  5. I'm in southeastern pa...right outside of pottstown. Would love to see a group outing at one of our local lakes.
  6. i was there that day watching you guys kill it....nice job. kurtz fishing lake has it's ups and downs....
  7. i was planning on trying green lane. now are you talking about the reservoir itself or one of the shoot offs? plus i tried marsh because another site was saying they were seeing some big ones in there. of course no one fishes for carp...lol
  8. new guy to the site.... andy from pottstown, pa. grew up in Philly fishing rivers and streams now moved to the suburbs and trying to get my hang on the lakes up here. any advice would be greatly appreciated. did some fishing at marsh creek yesterday....the whole nine....rice pack bait, bollies, oat pack bait....but still got skunked. was in the wrong spot. did a little scouting at the end of the day and might have found a decent spot. have any of you ever fished marsh creek?
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