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  1. Hey Nate, That sounds awesome. Thanks for the info and invite. We should link up and fish sometime. What are those other spots? I've heard good things about Green Lane. Thanks again.
  2. Awesome info. Thanks Philaroman. I know you can go for Carp year round but is there a best time of year to go for Carp in PA. Thats the only other question I have thought of.
  3. I went to Lake Nockamixon to try to catch some carp. I've watched videos and read forums. I have some carp gear and hair rigs, but I cant hook up. I was off Elephant Rd at a boat launch on Sat. May 20th. about 55-60 degrees. It was the first place I went. There were carp splashing and digging up mud, and spawning from what I could tell. There were a ton of weeds though. I chummed and threw method leads with pack bait. After like 2.5 hours with nothing I decided to move. I drove the whole lake and and no one was really catching anything and there were no other spots with carp splashing. So af
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