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  1. Hello all.. New to the site. Pardon my ignorance, but where is the Methuen venue? May be able to help with some prebaiting Thanks Gregg
  2. Absolutely!!!!!!!... Can't agree more! Myself and my girls daughters are constantly filling the back of my truck with trash,beer cans/bottles etc. Whacker had anti littering signs a few years back, I believe they threw them in with a big order. I fish saltwater as well. It's just tragic what some of the good fishing spots look like that would otherwise be beautiful pristine areas. Many humans are a virus upon this Earth
  3. Thanks Booksy for the reply. Yes I'm figuring tidal river fish are the true champion athletes in the carp world. My learning curve on the tackle end of my carp fishing career was swift and severe. A few too many heartbreaking defeats due to bear hunting with a bb gun Lol! What you describe kit wise is pretty much my norm. Might have to try concocting some perrywinkle/fiddler crab boilie... I'm going to feed a couple swims,spend some time plumbing for feature, and observation of different tides. Thanks G
  4. Hey all New here, enjoy the sport, good site,lots of info. Starting to poke around the tidal rivers, some big,some smaller. Question is, baiting and watercraft. Anything specific I should be baiting with. Usually do a mixed particle, hemp,tiger nut and boilie blend. Any flavors work better than others? What kind of features or structures should I target? Depth? Since some are deep don't really have confidence in 40' + of water. Guessing a freshwater creek running into brackish or downright salty water be a good place to start..... Weed beds,mudflats and such as well? Thanks in advance. G
  5. Been carp fishing for about 6 years now. I've done OK in various other places. I've tried fishing the Taunton River a few times with no luck I know they're in there somewhere anyone have any advice?
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