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  1. Your name: Finley Miller Your CAG forum name: TXMulti-Species Your state or province of residence: Texas The state or province of your FFF 2019 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: Texas I've got a new venue picked out and can't wait to see what comes out of the depths!
  2. Didn't know that, great to see that CAG is doing amazing work all over the place!
  3. Huge congrats to Roland Olah! As for not pursuing the record, there can be multiple reasons. Some states require you to weigh the fish only at certified weigh stations, you can't use your own. There's a huge chance of the fish not making it so it's not worth the risk. Records also draw the attention of bowfishermen. Personally I wouldn't submit any records for that very reason.
  4. If you want to get whole boilies out in the same method as "the method" then I'd definitely look into using PVA. You can put whole/halved/crushed boilies in the different varieties of PVA and once it dissolves the boilies will be right around your hookbait just as if you had used packbait. Like others have said, you can always crush some up to add to your pack, but I personally prefer not to and keep my packbaits fairly consistent, typically using just one "base" ingredient such as rice, oats, or grits. Lots of people use the mix you mentioned and it works wonders but don't be afraid to explor
  5. Welcome to the sport, and the forum! Jealous that you have such large fish so close by. There's definitely a peace when carp fishing, unless you're really in on them - then it's the busiest you'll likely ever be!
  6. Congrats guys! Looking forward to seeing the photos!
  7. Lol, welcome to the carpy side! Your tackle and PB addiction is already starting I see. I bought 3 Sonik S3's on sale and have only good things to say so far, but then again I've never used anything else. I got mine in 12' 3.25TC but I'll definitely be getting them longer and a bit beefier next time just for the added distance. I also have a Sonik net which has held up to the abuses I've put it through.
  8. Super long post? This post is tiny compared to some of mine... I prefer to fish in deeper pockets simply because that's where the buffalo roam, but I don't think there are any of those beauties up in Washington! You've got a couple options on your hands: 1. Fish at the greater depth. 25-30ft isn't too deep for carp and I've had plenty from those depths. 2. Clear out the weed manually, and fish the shallower parts. The easiest way to accomplish this is to get one of those metal garden rakes, not the ones for leaves, and attach a sturdy rope to the end of it. Throw it out a
  9. +1 Great work! I use a different flavor (sometimes an entirely different packbait) every time I fish for that very reason.
  10. Just watch out for those claws! Some good gloves can help if you're worried about it, but I've never been scratched by 'em. Bullheads are pretty much everywhere, and when you catch one, there's usually a swarm of them waiting for you to throw something else out to eat. They're very hardy just like carp, so in bad water they're the only things that are gonna be there besides carp, turtles, gar, bowfin, etc. Kinda jealous of your mirrors tbh, I've still yet to get one of my own!
  11. Those are some beautiful brutes! Great job! The "tongue" or "growth" that you're seeing is their palatal organ, which they use to separate out food particles from non-food particles. It's very hard to just catch carp as you found out with your turtles and brown bullhead. On the turtles, it's fine to drag them out of the water using their tail as their weight will still be supported somewhat by the water/ground, but when picking them up make sure to do it from the sides of the back of the shell. If you pick 'em up by their tail, you can actually break their tail and injure the animal. Everythin
  12. No problem, anything if it'll save a couple golden beauties.
  13. Thanks! It's a doozy just getting to the bottom of the page
  14. (This post is copy-pasted from the TFF for convenience sake. As such, it includes some species other than carp/buffalo. If necessary, I will delete those for future posts or post under the other species forum.) It's been quite some time since I posted on here, not for lack of fishing but rather because of an abundance of it. Apparently I've been hitting the banks so hard that I've already worn down my new carp rods, and two of them are about to get repaired. On my last outing I broke the rod tips one after the other, not quite sure why. In the meantime I suppose I'll share all of my
  15. Nice captures! I'm more of a lake-man myself, flowing water is still a mystery to me.
  16. "After a fish is caught on hook and line, it is legal to return all fish to the water at the site of capture if done in no longer than the time needed to unhook, measure and/or photograph the fish immediately after being caught. Fish returned to the water should show no evidence of bleeding, be handled carefully, and not thrown or dropped. All fish released from bridges and wing walls (e.g. Garrison Dam Tailrace) must be done immediately after being placed in a fish basket/open container to ensure fish survival."
  17. Nice ones, if they aren't on the feed for you you could always try a baiting campaign. Seems to do the trick for me, even in the 100 degree Texas heat!
  18. Here's an old map I was able to find if you guys are interested in going to fish it. AFIK, there are no other maps of the lake. I've heard it's very weedy so take lots of tackle! Edit: While this map is certainly nice, I did stumble upon a map that has much greater detail! https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#boating@11&key=ql|wDr_urQ
  19. Thanks! Me too, I may have to make the trip pretty soon it seems!
  20. I'll definitely write up a petition as soon as I get back from Florida, not sure how much attention it will get but the lake has been through this before. Looks like control of the lake may go to Austin Water, which manages LBL, so we do definitely have a shot at another trophy carp regulated water. The only issue I take with LBL is that Smallmouth Buffalo aren't protected as well, but carp is certainly a start! This is an old petition that I found from back in 2014 whenever they were discussing modifying the lake: https://www.change.org/p/sheryl-cole-save-lake-walter-e-long-decker
  21. Sources for photos: http://www.austincarpangler.com/a-record-straight/ http://www.austincarpangler.com/hit-the-ground-running/ http://texasfishingforum.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/8188902/Re_WCC_Austin_November_session https://texaseliteangler.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/save-lake-walter-e-long-decker-lake-from-austins-drought-response-plan/ Here's a video showing that this is not simply a local attraction, but draws the passionate from around the globe:
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