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  1. I fish mostly for one fish s trip if I’m lucky I will get two but rarely my best day on those places are 3 and that’s only happened once.
  2. Facebook is huge everyone goes on it and it’s very active but at the same time you have people who do nothing but attack you and bother you and post random stuff and bullies people
  3. That’s my thought process but I was curious if people are as serious about it here as they are in Europe.
  4. How important is it to sharpening your hooks when fishing for one bite a day or up to 3 bites on a outstanding day?
  5. That’s one of the couple I was looking at I was also looking at the Kryston Synx as well. What do people think of the Synx ?
  6. So I like to fish a basic snowman rig with long shank hooks and coated braid. I’ve always used Korda hooklink but I’m interested in Kryston Hooklinks but I’m unsure on which ones to try. Anyone have any ideas on which ones I should try?
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