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  1. I'd like to participate in the 2019 FFF Bob Harnish Lefty H Massachusetts
  2. The fishin/ meet and greet on Saturday September 22 at 6 am will be at the Artesani Park 1255 Soldiers Field Road, Boston Ma.. There is a big parking lot there so parking won't be a problem. This lot fills quick so get there early to save yourself a walk.
  3. Don't worry bout prebaiting will be taken care of. Other than that bring whatever YOU need! Thanks
  4. There will be a fish in / meet and greet Sept 22 at 6 am. This will be on the Charles River in Boston. Exact location will be released closer to event.
  5. Back after 3 years away. Did manage to finally get a 30lber from that pond. Only took me 31/2 years. Lol!
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