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Found 1 result

  1. This fiasco started over a year ago. I bought a set of 4 Fox alarms from Simon, and later bought an additional alarm from BCT. After several months of use, one of the alarms stopped working. I contacted Fox and they told me to contact the seller. I emailed Simon and he told me to send him the alarm for repair. He told me he sent it to a "friend" to fix and sent it back to me. It was still not working, so I emailed him again about the problem. Since I did not send in the warranty card for the alarm I thought there might be a problem, but Simon said he would take care of it. That was a year ago and I still have not received the replacement alarm. Along the way, Simon told me to take the alarm to an electrician to have it fixed, because it is only made in china. The man is full of excuses! I have been calling him and emailing him for over a year(I have all of his email responses) and now he is not responding to my inquiries. He even had the nerve to tell me to contact him in the future! During the year, I contacted Fox and they told me that I didn't have to send in the warranty card, just show date and proof of purchase to receive the warranty. But with all of Simon's B.S., the alarm went out of warranty I told Simon of this and it still didn't get me a new alarm. In the interim, the alarm I bought from BCT went bad. I contacted Dave and he told me to send the alarm in to Fox with the receipt from BCT. I did this, and got a new alarm within 2 weeks. I SUGGEST THAT IF YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM CARP KIT AND SIMON, YOU BETTER HOPE THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THE WARRANTY, BECAUSE CARP KIT CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS! Simon should have known that the warranty card was not needed to obtain service, but since his "friend" tried to fix the alarm, it probably voided the warranty. By the way I told Simon that I was going to contact CAG about this and have yet to hear from him. BUYER BEWARE WHEN DEALING WITH CARP KIT. In retrospect, I don't expect to see a new alarm from Simon. I am going to contact Fox about Carp Kit's poor customer service of their products. ON THE OTHER HAND, BIG CARP TACKLE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GREAT!
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