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Found 10 results

  1. "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-p", the sound of a screamer!!! A new pb? This was the result of a 16 day baiting campaign with results well worth the time, money, and efort. It all started in late June I was looking for a spot on the Connecticut river the would produce massive carp that was close to where I lived. I settled on a spot that was convenient to get to, but seemed to be overfished, so I took a unique approach to this swim and fished the margins which was rarely done for carp. I fished this area for 2 weeks consistently with m I was presenting pac bait to get a feel of the fish and THE SNAGS which would land devastating blows. After figuring out the area with the smallest fish I had landed was 5lbs and the biggest 21lbs, but the average seemed to be around 11 to 16 lbs. I then decided to commit bait to the area on 7/2/19 from this point on I did not fish until 7/11/19; I chummed a 1/4 of a bucket of corn everyday at the same time. On 7/11 I had my first proper session over the bait using hook baits that were like the chum I was presenting FLAVORED CORN. In this session I lost 5 fish out of 6 takes it was devastating. It seemed to be something with my rig mechanics. I then upgraded my rig of choice to using curv shank hooks instead of my wide gape hooks. (The fish landed in this session was 19lbs ad a common). The next day I stupidly tried the same rigs that had never done me wrong hopping the losses from yesterday were flukes. They absolutely were not!! I lost three more fish. I then changed my rigs to the ones with the new hooks and started to keep the fish on. The first fish landed that day was just under 13 lbs and a common. The next fish was just over 20lbs and then I lost a hog of a carp in a snag. This did not squash my moral. I gave the fish a few day and kept pre baiting with out fishing. Further, I then fished on 7/16 I put out a bucket of corn and got fishing. I got several liners at first than things slowed down...not for long. "Bep-Beeeeeeeep", sounded one of my alarms I rushed over and and grabbed m y rod I could tell it was a smaller fish it was making several jumps and was not staying deep like a big fish. As I'm playing the fish my other rod goes off with a, "BBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP". I knew this fish was bigger but I needed to land the fish I was playing I got the small fantail in the net and had a sight seeker hold the net in the water while I battled my new PB. I saw the beast of a common emerge I wasn't sure if it would smash my PB, but I new it was the biggest fish I had landed in the swim. I managed to land both fish in the same net. I put the net down on the mat and uncovered the fish to a crowd of pedestrians that had been watching I put the smaller fish in my retaining sling and took care of the big fish. I poured a bucket of cool water over it and repositioned it in the net. I wrapped 4 the net back up and put it on my scale with the fish in the net. The scale diale sluggishly moved to 24lbs 4 ozs subtracting what the net weighied that made the fish 23lbs 12 ozs which was a new PB by a 1/4 of a pound. After a quick photo I released the fish into the depths. Now it was time for me to deal with the smaller fantail. I weighed it and it came to 9lbs 13 ozs. I then released it. I recast the rods and waited I was happy with the new PB, but I thought that I could do better with a more substantial PB. I waited almost an hour and I finally got a slow and steady take on one of my rods I quickly ran over and started playing this fish it wasn't the most energetic fish that would make long runs, but I could feel the power of it as it held bottom and went where ever it wanted, after a 20 minute battle I had wrestled the fish off the bottom and it surfaced. I new this was the one. I guided my NGT net o and the fish rolled right in. I yelled YEE YEE. I know this was my new PB. I put the fish on the mat and I could tell it was enormous.I put the fish back in the net after admiring it to get weight on it the scale came in at about 26 lbs 8 ozs making the fish 26lbs even since the net weighs about 8 ozs. I put the fish in my retaining sling and waited for someone to come and take a pic. It didn't take long... I put this fish back into the retaining sling and carried it to a muddy bank were a waded into the water up to my waist and watched the fish swim away back into the gloomy waters of the CT River where there are fish double that size; my next goal is to beat this PB with a higher 20 or low 30 and to do that I will keep prebaiting. I will keep you posted Fda
  2. My most unusual, legitimate catch ever!!!......using my subtle bite technique, this Chinese mystery snail tugged like a carp, and I hooked him, not snagged, not through the shell, but in the CORNER OF THE MOUTH!!!!!-no joke!!!............. ...........
  3. SWMBO and I were going to a baseball game of one of our grandsons. Another grandson called my wife and asked how much flavoring I used in corn. I told her that a few drops would be OK. Need to call my son and ask what is going on. We had a session last year but didn't catch anything. Like the Cubs and the World Series, this is the year!
  4. see my other post about my wife's first carp!!! What a nice day!!....traveled the 3 and 1/2 hours to St. Louis to fish under clear skies and an afternoon temp of 68F!!!......Fishing was non-existent for 4 hours!!!!- 4!!!!!!!!!!!!, very disappointed had my wife and son (both CAG members)....very frustrating!-notta on sweet corn, strawberry panko, oat panko-nuthin!....and then!! viola, two small tail-snagged big head's (one here- ehhh/ugghhh), and one after another common carp!........started with the 8lb 10oz, followed by 6lb 6 (doubled with my son's 4lb 8ozer-he'll post his pics in a bit...), a fierce 5lb 12oz, then a 2lb 3 and 2lb 5- A total amongst us of 10 carp..8 of which were commons for a total of 38lbs!!... all the commons were caught over 2 and one-half hours....a nice, nice day!!...........Go CAG!!!!!!
  5. Looks like a good stuff for mixing pack baits & boiled corn, very strong corn scent with UV glow cote !!!
  6. OK, I got the bright idea of going to my backwater spot and trying to see what I could do with a fly rod. I rigged up last night with a tippet of 10 lb. Stren and a heavy #6 hook. I got a small bottle with some flavored sweet corn, bottle of Berkeley Gulp, and two pieces of artificial corn, courtesy of Evan C. I made sure I took my net as It would be hard to lift even a smallish carp with the rod or leader. My rod is an old 8 ft. 8 wt. Ted William fiberglass rod that was my father's. Any way, I took off as SWMBO was going to a baby shower. FWIW, my name was also on the invitation but no way that I'm going. Here's what happened in the order of events: 1. Naturally the wind picked up and was fickle, coming from the east, west, or north at various times. This rippled the water so bad that I couldn't see mud trails, let alone see feeding fish. I had polarized sunglasses but they were useless. Ever try casting in to a constant 20 mph wind? 2. Sweet corn doesn't stay on the hook which is what I expected. 3. The last straw was standing and seeing if I could get a run. Didn't realize until later that I was using a bare hook. I saw something on the end of the middle section of the rod. I thought it was a piece of lint or whatever. Closer inspection showed that the rod had been crushed on both sides! I called it quits then as I knew as soon as I had a fish on, I would have a four piece rod, with one piece being about 7 inches long. I do take this an excuse to build another rod in 8 or 9 wt. 4. I will look into the artificial corn or the Berkley Gulp as it should stay on the hook during a cast. My other idea was a dip type fly- cotton wrapped around the hook and tied tight on the ends with loose wraps in the middle. Then dip or soak it in a concentrated flavor as caramel, anise, raspberry, etc. You get the idea. If any one else wants to try the cotton fly, go for it! I'm going to experiment with some sponge that we have to see if it floats or sinks when saturated. Back home now and I think I'll go upstairs, turn on the TV and watch the Braves get shellacked again. Tight lines and screaming alarms!
  7. Happiness is: 1. Spending time with the grandsons before school takes up a lot of their time plus their school sports. 2. Watching them react to the twitching rod tip and a buzzing alarm. 3. Watching them listen how to play the fish and get it to the net. 4. Hearing them say that they want to fish again this Friday after school. What more could a grandfather want? I had to help Brody as a 12 ft. Euro rod is a bit for him to handle. Brody got the second fish, a common, but lost it. The score for the day was: Me- common; Cooper- Buffalo; Brody- Buffalo. I spodded with raspberry cracked corn and discovered that I left the rubber rice packbait at home. Just before we left, I remembered that I had put a bucket of mixed grits and creamed corn in the van but it was up front and not with the rest of the carping gear. Brody commented that we didn't need it! Hookbait was canned sweetcorn soaked in raspberry flavoring. When I spodded, I kept it in a small space and I think that it kept the carp close to the hookbaits. I also baited one rod at first with a CC Moore Live Action boilie; when I reeled in the line it was gone. Turtle? First picture is Cooper's buff and the other is Brody's buff. You can say that is their first buff and their PB buff. Edit: We were going to wait a while so Brody could get a fish before we left. I was planning on leaving about 11:30. At 11:20, Brody got the run! Sounds like needmotime2fish as he always waits until the last minute.
  8. Many Thanks To New World Carp Tackle, I ordered Cukk Baits http://cukk.hu/page.php?lang=en&p=2 From New World Carp Tackle & got the package in 5 Days in perfect condition, great service and fast shipping, Top notch products Special thanks for Free Monster bait sprays & box full of pva nuggets
  9. It's me again, Margaret. I have a spot that has carp in it. It is a mud bottom and is about 4 feet deep in the creek that flows through it. It is dry during the winter draw-down for TVA and is off the main Hiwassee River. I'll admit that it is a while since I have been there; seven miles from home- no excuse. I have seen carp cruising in it. Would it be worth baiting with boiled corn for two or three days and then fishing it? I could use my smaller rod with a baitrunner on it. Your help/advice is appreciated. I can't draw a map as I have a very short memory at my age.
  10. Hi, Does anyone know where they sell carp fishing supplies in Ottawa? Specifically looking for Boilies, and corn.
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