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  1. Welcome to forum, Fluorocarbon is very difficult stuff to use as mainline, Spiderwire Fluorobraid (sinking braid) is great for river carping ... On sale @ Walmart Good luck ✌️
  2. @MeshuggahCarp i really don't know who makes this video but really helpful for making homemade boilies, lots of good base mix / additives available at big carp tackle its really a great place to buy carp tackles and baits ✌️ Hope you enjoy making your own baits, Good luck
  3. I'm not boiling corn for chumming till spring and for chumming i always boil corn night before ... So i haven't tried it yet with corn i add this liquid in handful of boiled corn just to add in breadcrumb & it's seems to me that it preserves the corn, in winter i use cattle cubes for chumming ? don't heat up this thing it's not molasses !!!
  4. CC Moore Vanilla Meal is an awesome foundation for making you own base mix !
  5. I've used Korda, Fox, Nash .... Coated hooklinks & never had any issues with any of them they all worked great with different types of rigs, i use Korda Strippa Tool to remove outer coating, 25lb JEL-E-WYRE is one of the best hooklink I've ever used !
  6. Never had one This is the last members package i received many years ago from CAG !!!!
  7. Yes from Dick's Sporting goods ✌️Bought one more thing ? That's how corn liquid looks like with panko breadcrumb ?
  8. Looks like a good stuff for mixing pack baits & boiled corn, very strong corn scent with UV glow cote !!!
  9. Resistance Tackle is the place to go... Good price & fast shipping i placed my order last night and got tracking number in my inbox this morning !!!! https://www.resistancetackle.com/catalog.php?mode=publicviewitemdetail&ref=6824 https://www.resistancetackle.com/catalog.php?mode=publicviewitemdetail&ref=6451 https://www.resistancetackle.com/catalog.php?mode=publicviewitemdetail&ref=6548
  10. anyone putting together Virginia/DC fish in this spring ?
  11. the picture i post is from Cabelas, i think its newer version of specialist r hooks the one from daiwa ....
  12. I bought all specialist hooks in size 4, 10 hooks in a pack, It says on the pack "Thicker version of specialist R" super hooks looks much stronger but the rig im using required in-turned eye Great hooks !
  13. mine shipped out as well, let's see how good the standard wire is + Nano Coat technology
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