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Congratulations to CAG and the President Elect

The Big Worm

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An open letter to Iain,

First I would like to thank Iain Sorrell for his Desire to be CAG President, applaud the members who voted for taking the time and effort to choose a direction for CAG, and congratulate and wish Iain well in his Presidency.  I hope that those who have put their stamp to Iain's Presidency will follow through by helping him and CAG regain the trust of the membership and create a direction for the club that will be worthy of those who have donated time before.



As a stats kind of guy I have to warn folks of over exuberance and celebratory happiness as only the leader has been picked....a victory for CAG is still to be determined and far in the future and folks should mediate their enthusiasm and use that energy to make what Iain is proposing a reality.



In 2012, 185 people out of a membership of about 514 voted for a presidential cantidate. (39.9%)



Just now 82 out of 371 voted. (22.1%)



So not only did we loose 30% of the membership, but statistically of those folks that are still here,  39% less participated in the election ...



That means 5 out of every 6 members are still disconnected from what goes on here either by choice, by omission or by neglect. I hope that Iain, and those that work with him will take the time and listen and learn from the last 3 years of their behind the scene experience to correct that...



Good Luck Iain in your presidency, and to CAG.




Larry Kirchner




"The Big Worm


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