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Is this bad behavior in Ohio or normal nation wide?

Dale Rafferty

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I have been carp fishing for over 30 years. I hate to see all the drama surrounding many carp anglers here in North East Ohio.

There are several CAG members that don't follow the guide lines laid out by this wonderful origination. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with new anglers and share places to fish. I have been harassed for fishing in someones spot to the point I have to block them on Facebook. But you will have that. I'm sure I am not the only one who has had similar experiences. We need to promote the sport not alienate anglers doing the same thing because you think you are a better angler. So use your superior knowledge and help grow the sport and share your knowledge with the new guys learning the sport. If you spent more time sharing your knowledge you wouldn't be giving the sport a black eye. Its a sad day of fishing when you go out and your more worried about offending a carp angler for fishing too close to his spot. I had to block several guys from Facebook so they wouldn't  accuse me of looking at their posts and hunting down their swims. These are the guys that are supposed to promote the sport. You all know who you are. I have all the messages sent to me accusing me of fishing in their spots. I done venting. I hope this type of behavior stops. It is hurting the sport. 

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HI Roger,

Unfortunately this behavior is not limited to Ohio or even just carp anglers. It is also seen in other USA States and especially when an area produces larger than average fish. 

Please feel free to message me directly as I would like to understand a bit more about the circumstances and background.

Many thanks, Iain

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Happens everywhere when someone put hard work sweat and tears in a spot specifically a unknown swim! for someone just to go to it and take it and blow it up to the angling community when they are still working on it, it can cause many problems. There is hundreds of known spots but some people go out of their way to find these “special spots” that someone actually worked to produce. I make many spots around the lake and for someone to try everything they can to just find it instead of working one or just asking will be a problem too. It’s like bait many people have their own recipes that they won’t share  it’s one thing to promote it’s another to take someone’s hard work.... 

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