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  1. so anything can be made a public announcement? I can’t even listen to anything he has to say after everything he did. Cheated many out of things when people tried their best. He has the skill to be a great fisherman. Just can’t respect what he did.
  2. RIP Neil so sad to hear this you were family without being blood related and you treated me with a lot of kindness and respect when I was new to carp fishing. I’m hurt I can’t believe this you knew my kids even played with them the few times you seen them. Thank you for all the memories you will be missed. Prayer for you and your family I’ll pray for you guys as well Carl and family. Rip Neil
  3. nices fishes thats cool you guys did the raffle stay safe everyone
  4. great fish i fished over 10 years for carp and not one yet l😀
  5. awesome getting them out there early great fish it had to be a blast!
  6. That’s what I was talking about didn’t know it was that long ago. Thanks for finding it I had no luck
  7. I’ll search I sent it to another member not to long ago.
  8. Your name: Cristian Torres Your CAG forum name: SoCalCarper State I will be fishing: Texas Your name: Cesar Espinoza Your CAG forum name: SoCalCarper760 State I will be fishing: Texas
  9. post a price range and i can offer suggestions. ive had rod and reel from the 30 range to 1200 range. starting range you can go with a daiwa BRI, okuma avenger runners, shimano baitrunners, upper range can be any of the shimano bait runners. daiwa has great upper range as well infinity X and tournament daiwa range are awesome. hooks i have gone through many but korda was my go to till they all started snapping before my 10-15lb test would. solar, fox are my go to now. rods daiwa black widows are good begginer rods with mix reviews i love them even one a tourney with them . the
  10. range cubes/ cattle cubes cheap and very effective
  11. I didn’t know how Neil was doing I hope he feels and gets better. I know all the efforts you guys put forth into it. I had the pleasure of fishing two of those tourneys organized by Neil had a great time even though it was hard for me to find partners to fish with.
  12. Maybe start with dropping the ball here. CAG tourney i don’t see it on here..... Biggest longest running USA carp tourney we should’ve had something in place worst case scenario. There is so many groups that keep rising and not to mention ACS but without boots on the ground and without great social media presence other then Facebook We will keep declining. We have to keep up with times and we’re not. CAG has always been the foundation and groups have always branched out of us. Members will keep leaving I’ve been here for a while not planning on leaving (unless I get the boot) but this is no w
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