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  1. Most of the forum went private to members only. I think with out many benefits of being a member people gravitated to Facebook which many were already moving there. I been a paying member for years recently decided to just leave this alone life changes. I do miss the old times spending hours on here daily
  2. Prayers for phone bush and his family as they go through this
  3. so anything can be made a public announcement? I can’t even listen to anything he has to say after everything he did. Cheated many out of things when people tried their best. He has the skill to be a great fisherman. Just can’t respect what he did.
  4. That’s what I was talking about didn’t know it was that long ago. Thanks for finding it I had no luck
  5. I’ll search I sent it to another member not to long ago.
  6. Happens everywhere when someone put hard work sweat and tears in a spot specifically a unknown swim! for someone just to go to it and take it and blow it up to the angling community when they are still working on it, it can cause many problems. There is hundreds of known spots but some people go out of their way to find these “special spots” that someone actually worked to produce. I make many spots around the lake and for someone to try everything they can to just find it instead of working one or just asking will be a problem too. It’s like bait many people have their own recipes that they won’t share it’s one thing to promote it’s another to take someone’s hard work....
  7. Happy New Years tight lines happy banking
  8. Great choice I’m glad he got it I met him at the ATC great guy very dedicated thank you Barry
  9. Awesome sounds great to bad I used all my vacation time already😤
  10. Top ten finishers was cool 😎. Maybe even a few winners from each zone I wasn’t no where near the top but some people in some zones had spectacular fish The results spoke for themselves but didn’t get anything. Maybe next time hats off to all the participants and organizers sometimes mistakes are made. 🍻
  11. I wouldn’t call any anglers lazy some effort and thought has to be put in no matter the situation. Some people try their best but it doesn’t always work out. I live not to far from one of the “best lakes in the USA” i don’t agree 100% about that but big fish still get caught here and there. I didn’t fish as often as I would had like during the big4 but the effort was there. 😎 I don’t know if there was any problems but it sounds like it.
  12. One day i hope to make it and help in this event it’s a goal of mine. Kids got sick and had to take to much time off hopefully soon
  13. My deepest condolences to you and your family Ol Captain
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