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Thank you and resignation.

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Hello fellow Carpers!! I just wanted to drop a brief note in here and to all CAG members and followers of all things Carpy to say thank you. I have decided it is time to pack up the rods, pods, bivvies and bikes and much other paraphernalia and move over to the other side of the Pond, back home to Blighty. Having had a number of family events over the past few years I find I need to spend more time in England and as such will be moving back there in the next few weeks. 


I want to say thank you to everyone I have met here, on the banks, at the CAG NACA conferences, at the tournaments and at Dale Hollow. It’s been quite a packed 9 years and despite having fished in the UK since I was five years old ( and that’s a lot of years ago) I have learnt huge amounts about our sport, about tactics and about my angling since being in the USA.  


This week I’m throwing some last casts at the Connecticut River Monsters and hope to go out with a few good commons, maybe a fantail and who knows maybe even an elusive mirror. 


With my move comes my resignation from CAG as Events Director and Iain Sorrell will be looking for nominations over the next few weeks. 


The CAG has amazing opportunities within all of its goals. There really is not another organization that I know of in the angling world quite like CAG. Good luck to all of you. Although I will be over the other side of the water I will still be in touch and look forward to following your exploits, your developments and your influence on those naysayers who haven’t fought a 20lb river fish.  


Good luck to you all and happy angling.

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