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  2. Fishing New Venues

    Quad Cities, along the Mighty Mississippi.
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  5. I could always pick you up at the airport the morning of the event, I will be driving right past it.
  6. That's great!!! But everyone is going to catch. Thanks so much Dylan
  7. Always trying to help, but I had to last year. The winner was my STEP son-in-law, lol
  8. Thanks again Frank, you always come through with something.
  9. It's never a competition, Dylan, when participants enhance the total prize package! Thanks, so much, for your generosity. --Frank
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  11. NECC - Fish In Update

    Here´s some info about the park. http://www.fishingnortheast.net/choose-your-state/connecticut/connecticut-lakes-ponds/batterson-park-pond-farmington-new-britain/
  12. NECC - Fish In Update

    Update on Fish-In for Sunday April 22nnd... Option B it is! The weather has caught us out once again! I looked at the CT River in Middletown today and I think we'd struggle to hold bottom even with a boat anchor! Batterson Park Pond is just off Rt 9 and Interstate 84. We'll meet at the Boat Ramp (see mark on attached map) just off Alexander Road. Easiest access is off Exit 37 from I-84. Come down and hang out, fish, cast some rods or perhaps bring any tackle or bait items you might want to swap out. Anytime from first light onwards.
  13. Not to try and compete with FJR1 or anything. However I will be adding a $75 gift card to Big Carp Tackle. I would like this to be mini raffle for all who has 0 catches. In the case that everyone catches it will be added to to the smallest fish category. If there is one. Let me know if this ok by you Blacksheep!
  14. CAG Big Four Spring 2018

    I'm signed up.....
  15. CAG Big Four Spring 2018

    Best of luck to you as well!
  16. Spy Pond (arlington) conditions?

    Hey all, I learned how to fish for carp on spy pond a while ago and I'd like to take a friend there to show him, but I remember a couple years back there was a large carp kill in the pond. Has anyone been there recently? Not sure if it's still a viable spot to catch some carp at.
  17. Blacksheep, I was scanning this thread out of curiosity. I complement you in the willingness to loan gear to a new carper. Last year was a great example of the CAG members to help the newbies. Lots of nets there so that is no problem. Good luck and I wish I lived closer!
  18. In honor of Larry's fine organization of this outstanding event, I am donating a rarely used 13' Fox carp rod (with cloth sleeve) to the angler who catches the most carp at the 6th Annual Five Bridges Carp Fishing Tournament. Best of luck! --Frank
  19. CAG Big Four Spring 2018

    Yea-hah!!....can't wait!- have two new Daiwa baitcaster reels with 9' rods!!!.......trying new method lead pack this year.....looks promising!!....Good luck all!!!.........
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  21. NECC 2018 Program

    Please find details of the List of Speakers and Events planned for the NECC this weekend! NECC Program 2018.pdf
  22. Rules Registration is open from NOW until Midnight May 15th Spring Big 4 Competition runs from May 1st through June 15th 2018 Must be a CAG Member to participate Cost: $10 Only Common Carp, Cyprinus Carpio, Count for Big 4 Total, Big Mirror & Big Common Anglers can fish any combination of legal waters anywhere in North America Anglers must register and manage their own catches and photos in our online leader board - Follow instructions posted under the leaderboard topic in this section. Any number of fish can be added, but only top four count Submissions must include 1 photo- -a trophy photo of the fish with angler, the scale used and a printed Big Four Logo shown below All submissions must be made by June 15th (11.59pm) Fish must be caught on rod using legal methods and be released safely APPROPRIATE CARP CARE SHOULD BE DEMONSTRATED IN ALL PHOTOS Live leader board will be displayed on the home page from May 1st through June 15th Corresponding stories in the forum are encouraged and will be linked to the leader board Catches logged at any other event will count, but all event requirements above must still be fulfilled FISH SUBMISSIONS Please make sure you are registered on the New CAG Leader-board. You only have to register ONCE, if you've already registered, lets say for the ATC, then all you need to do is Log in and add the Big 4 event to your name. Instructions on how to use the leader-board can be downloaded here: Leaderboard Instructions.pdf Any questions, e-mail Willem @ BIG4@JOINCAG.COM The Logo You are required to submit 1 photo of each fish you catch along with it's weight. This photo MUST show the angler holding the fish, a printed 2018 Spring Big 4 logo, and your scale. Remember, the star of these photos is you with your fish. Your photo may end up in a magazine! The logo and scale just need to be there somewhere to prove you have them. They can be anywhere in the photo as long as they are identifiable. The best way to manage this is to tape the logo to your scale: The Big 4 Logo is only 3.75 x 2.75." This is the size of many state/provincial fishing and hunting licenses. You can Also put your logo in a standard license holder from any tackle shop, and pin it on your clothes, or even your unhooking mat.
  23. NECC Parking

    Please observe the parking areas and drive carefully!
  24. Fishing New Venues

    what part of Iowa?
  25. Fishing New Venues

    I've been looking at venues in MO for late summer or fall. Could be a possibility!
  26. Fishing New Venues

    Great tips everyone! Really appreciate the help. This is my first spring chasing carp so I don't know what to expect coming out of winter. I have been working on walking the venue a bit 30-40 mins before I lug my kit around and set up. Going to add some methods and fake corn into the mix here soon, as I'm fairly sure these carp haven't seen a pop-up or boilie in their lives, hah. Dough bait on a hair worked for me last fall so that will be on the menu also. Again, thanks for all the info, I'm trying to soak up all this knowledge!
  27. Fundraising fishin

    Updated list of anglers for April 22nd Lee Y Carver H Goran B Nick S Bogdan B Mihai Paul D Ioan Iacob Tony S Henryk B Andy B Frank R Radu Daniel Pasca
  28. Spring fundraiser fishin

    Updated list of anglers for April 22nd Lee Y Carver H Goran B Nick S Bogdan B Mihai Paul D Ioan Iacob Tony S Henryk B Andy B Frank R Radu Daniel Pasca
  29. NECC 2018 - Sponsor Video

    2018 NECC Sponsor Video
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