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  2. nice captures
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  4. 2 nice fish there. Well done.
  5. I'm here and in your area (Pottstown). I'm up for getting together to fish anytime someone wants some company.
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  7. Thanks for the tip. I used to fish down in that area as a kid and know the exact location you mean. If we can get a few days without downpours I'll head down that way to give it a try. Will let you know how it works out.
  8. OK people how much are these worth? and who wants some? Pure UK type strain Lumpage....disease free
  9. Hey guys. Long time. I am selling my nash cube ruckall. It was only used once at a local lake for a 3 hr session. Its brand new. I paid 120 and shipping for it from BCT. 100 SHIPPED seems fair I think since its brand new. I will try to post up pics tomorrow.
  10. 900.00 or best offer..... I will deliver up to a hundred Miles from my house.
  11. Nice fish but I think you'll find fish have been caught and released out of Champlain over 10lbs bigger and over 15lb's bigger elsewhere in Vermont Great to see a kid with such an impressive fish though.
  12. It was a great night to be fishing.
  13. When the police were questioning you, that would be a good time for an alarm to go off. "Officer, how would you like to land this one? I'll get the net and scale."
  14. Were they able to release them after certification? Hope so then they can pass on the genes to other generations. Thanks for the news tip.
  15. I have watched this twice and wish I had done something like that when I was growing up. Excellent video!
  16. VERMONT FISH & WILDLIFE Press Release For Immediate Release: July 19, 2017 Media Contact: Shawn Good, 802-786-3863 Two fish certified as new Vermont state records RUTLAND, Vt. – Two fish caught in tributaries of Lake Champlain earlier this year have been certified as new Vermont state records. A new state record carp, weighing 33.25 pounds and measuring 40 inches in length, was caught in Otter Creek in April by Ferrisburgh angler Chase Stokes. Stokes, an accomplished Vermont youth angler, caught the carp while fishing in the town of Panton. The fish had a total girth of 26.5 inches at its widest point. A second state record for the species of redhorse sucker has also been certified. Mike Elwood of Burlington landed a redhorse sucker in the Winooski River in May which weighed 9.96 pounds, measured 29 inches in length and had a total girth of 18 inches. Elwood caught the redhorse sucker while fishing in the town of Colchester. The former record carp weighed 33 pounds and measured 35 inches in length, while the previous record redhorse sucker weighed 9 pounds and measured 27.5 inches in length. Both of the new records were made official this week after a thorough inspection process by fisheries biologists from Vermont Fish & Wildlife. The records are for the traditional method of angling, in contrast to records for bowfishing which are also recognized for both species. “The two fish add to the remarkable list of record fish being caught in Vermont year in and year out,” said Shawn Good, fisheries biologist with Vermont Fish & Wildlife. “15 state records have been set for individual species of fish since 2010, and that list will likely grow as more and more anglers chase many of Vermont’s lesser-known, non-traditional fish species. “We currently certify records for 41 different species of fish found in Vermont, so the opportunities for anglers to learn about and target trophy-class fish of a range of species are tremendous,” added Good. “Chase and Mike are both accomplished anglers and long-time participants of our Master Angler program, and their catches are certainly indicative of both their talent and passion for fishing.” Good also noted that the frequency of record fish catches in Vermont in recent years provides added incentive for anglers to get out on the water this summer and fall. “There seems to be some extra buzz in the Vermont angling community right now given the quality of fish being caught regularly across so many different species,” said Good. “It’s always exciting to go fishing, and it makes it that much more exhilarating when you know your very next cast could lead to a new state record.” To learn more about Vermont’s record fish program, fishing in Vermont, or to purchase a fishing license, visit www.vtfishandwildlife.com. Chase Stokes of Ferrisburgh holds the new Vermont state record carp he caught while fishing the Otter Creek in April. Mike Elwood of Burlington with the new Vermont state record redhorse sucker he caught while fishing the Winooski River in May.
  17. Went out to fish a small lake with Zirjacks and AJ , first time night fishing in KS. A very pleasant evening multiple carp and catfish caught. Had a difficult time with the police when asked what I was doing at the lake at 3am, I guess the local rangers forgot to tell the police!!! All ended well.
  18. https://www.instagram.com/petewraight/
  19. has a good year with the Grassy's this year hear is a couple from this trip. The biggest one weighed in at 35lb.
  20. Ian, if there is anything I can do to help let me know, I have resources and have made a living as a sales/pitch man....I can't be there in person, but will do what I can to help achieve your goals, its one reason I got back into this.....



    cell 210-771-8392

    email hagg60@peoplepc.com

  21. Bruce Ashby's 10ft stocking rod This rod was specially made by the late Bruce Ashby himself This 10ft 1.75TC 2 section stocking rod comes with a full cork handle, Harrison blank and completely made in England. Brand New never been used. $190 plus shipping If interested call Carl 623 850 1680
  22. Bruce Ashby's 12ft 2 3/4 TC "LUCIFER" Carp rod Made specially by the late Bruce Ashby himself, This 12ft 2 section 2 3/4 TC, comes with stainless steel fitting, Slim abbreviated butt, double legs rings, progressive action, Harrison blank and completely made in England. Brand New! Never been used before. Sorry, will only sell as a pair $450 plus shipping Will consider any serious offers If interested call Carl 623 850 1680
  23. Custom Bruce Ashby's 12ft Barbel float rod Made specially by the late Bruce Ashby himself This 12ft 1.5TC 2 section float rod also comes with 2 top section tips, Full cork handle, Harrison blank, completely made in England, Brand New! Never been used before $240 plus shipping Any questions feel free to call Carl 623 850 1680
  24. We are full with 16 anglers signed up for the September 9 event. Best of luck! This event is full. Anglers participating: 1. Chad Bettisch 2. Anthony Hartung 3. Emilio Montoya 4. Victor Zemeckis 5. Michael Zemeckis 6. Larry Seeman 7. Chris Reitan 8. Chris Matthews 9. Tony Donato 10. James Kraft 11. Brett Du Preez 12. Nick Lautwein 13. James Revell 14. Jeff Hughes 15. Oliver Hughes 16. Frank Rink Jeff and Oliver Hughes
  25. We(Me, petew, and AJ)fished the overnight at heritage a couple weeks back. Fished off the dam. Each caught one carp, good size on all of them. I think heritage holds some surprisingly big carp for it's size. We have been doing more evening session during the heat wave are having.
  26. try the confluence of Perk. Cr. w/ Schykill R. near Oaks and explore the Schykill downstream from there, in general -- the right location should produce plenty high teens & low 20's w/ occasional bigger fish... when deeper holes that "should" hold carp, produce surprisingly few small ones, 20-40+ lb. Flathead(s) may be the reason -- try big live baitfish after dusk
  27. Unrelated PM sent.
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