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  2. My post of April 14th included several names. Please reply if you are coming and staying for lunch so I'll know how many to plan for. Lunch will be cold cuts, the trimmings, chips and cookies. Bring your own drinks and snacks to nibble on between fish. This is a city park so adult beverages aren't permitted. However, there is a Calhoun's BBQ at the marina that serves a full line of adult beverages. Weather looks good for Friday and Saturday. A new carper, Buddy, and I will be up Friday to fish and put out bait- cracked corn and whole corn with some sort of flavor. I will have a shelter and will see if I can rig up something to expand the shade; to be around 80 each day and some showers expected. As we all know, that is subject to change hour by hour.
  3. Wychwood MLT 9โ€™ 2pc Stalker w/ Cork Handle. Used but in excellent condition. I added a nice Fuji butt cap over a piece of shrink wrap on the back of the cork handle. This can be remove with no damage to the cork if desired. Awesome powerful rod. I just donโ€™t use it very often. $55 shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
  4. Don, welcome as a guest. Consider joining CAG as it has proved to be very beneficial to me. Fellowship, fun, food and fish make for a great combination that can't be beat! Those are nice grassies. I'm going to be at a place that has grassies but can't fish for them. Might take some bread and cast it upon the waters. Read that somewhere.
  5. Jeff D

    Grass carp

    I was fishing with a small (1/16 oz) roster tail spinner and a grass carp hit the spinner. It was probably 8-10 lbs. While it was a lot of fun, I have never heard of a grass carp hitting an artificial lure. Much less one retrieved fairly rapidly. Any input would be appreciated.
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  7. You can buy Greek carp caviar spread on Amazon. I've read its good. https://www.amazon.com/Taramosalata-krinos-8oz-Caviar-Spread/dp/B000LRKOQC/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmrnull_3?crid=1KOZX4XGA84FN&keywords=taramosalata+roe&qid=1555885782&s=gateway&sprefix=taramosa&sr=8-3-fkmrnull
  8. If its that shallow maybe try floating a boat up from the bottom ? ATB Carpsava
  9. Welcome mate, hope life is treating you well .... & the carp!! ATB Carpsava
  10. Have never needed to use circle hooks but cant see why they would not work, especially on low pressured fish........ fish that have been caught a few times might be a different story though! ATB Carpsava
  11. Not sure if its available here but I often use green plastic plant netting. I bought some 15 years ago & still have some. Of course Ive got other options also, there must be scores of items that have been used. With spooky carp Ill often use something the same color as the bait or pull it into the bait. ATB Carpsava
  12. Ive used bait that was less than fresh several times. They will probably eat it, unlikely to make the fish ill. However my best catches have always come with fresh bait, carp will eat the best they can find IF they have a choice! ATB Carpsava
  13. Good list above ^ We should have a voice & joining the CAG is one way to support this aim. Id recommend if you can afford it ...join up. I'll be doing so soon. Money well spent IMO. ATB Carpsava
  14. Never eaten one myself... but they are indeed one of the most eaten fish on a world basis. As mentioned above probably best to limit your size to below 10 lbs since the toxin build up will be enhanced on longer lived fish since it accumulates gradually. (older the fish ...higher toxin build up). Good luck & happy fishin! ATB Carpsava
  15. I'm not sure about Haverhill, but I was in Lowell on Friday and below the falls under Mammoth Rd is nearly level with the river above. Also couldn't hold bottom with 5 oz of lead.
  16. Last week
  17. In the Haverhill, MA area for the Merrimac River are the carp biting or is it to cold?
  18. Thanks I'm just in the process of tackling up and should be ready in time for the summer vacations ๐Ÿ˜
  19. Hey, good to hear from you! I was thinking about politics and the epic battle between Kyle and Oddball over Bush-Kerry and got curious. It's great to see the forum with traffic on it. I still fish with Saskcarp occasionally.
  20. Hi Adam, im sure i can help. What town are you residing in?
  21. Had nearly the same experience last two nights-carp rolling, jumping all around the area i baited (and no where else i saw)-caught two channel cats and I had numerous pick-ups and short runs but no fish first night. Last night had no fish but rolling carp, jumping carp, etc. Freaked me out so much I changed hair rigs thinking I tied -em wrong!, and................nothing......very frustrating!. I went back tonight (3rd night of chumming as well) and had one hit and run and landed a 13-2! (on the same hair I had been using) and that was the only one- just before thunderstorms moved in...(though it shows it, it isn't a Big Four fish)..........that's carpin!!...
  22. If still available, I'll take the Fox Micron M+ Alarms.

  23. bait 6" under a stealthy float (quill), worked fine for me... just couldn't cast straight at 'em, or they spooked
  24. In-fisherman and Midwest outdoors IIRC. Okay I will do that. I know another guy in upstate New York who is interested too.
  25. Indiana has a lot of carp anglers. Hopefully, someone will step up to help him get caught in the madness known as carp fishing! What magazines? May be an opportunity to have him write some articles on carp fishing. Thanks for sharing. Just thought, (scary, isn't it?), check the main CAG page and look up the contact information for the Indiana state chair.
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