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  2. Possum & Dunkel Fall Fantastic

    Top stuff !
  3. FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Thank you, Kris! Welcome to FFF 2018! Kris Tait (Kristopher Tait), Texas There are 20 FFF 2018 anglers entered, so far, fishing in 10 states and England. NORTH ZONE (11 FFF 2018 anglers) 1. Frank Rink (FJR1, Illinois), 2. Chris Matthews (chris Matthews, Illinois, fishing in England), 3. Chad Bettisch (Chad, Illinois), 4. David Dakin (David Dakin, Connecticut), 5. Anthony Hartung (JYB, Illinois), 6. Taylor Hindley (Taylor Hindley, Illinois), 7. Sean Reed (Sean Reed, Rhode Island), 8. Dave Marceau (carphammer, Illinois), 9. Dave Pickering (pickerd, Rhode Island & may also fish in Massachusetts), 10. Bob Elias (rje), Maryland but fishing in Pennsylvania), 11. Todd Richer (Todd Richer_7193, Rhode Island but perhaps also fishing in MA/CT) SOUTH ZONE (9 FFF 2018 anglers) 1. Tony Locke (Tony Locke, Georgia), 2. Chris van Schalkwyk (Christian, Texas, Jr. Angler), 3. Willem van Schalkwyk (Willem (JD), Texas), 4. Keith Thompson (Keith, Texas), 5. Cristian Torres (SoCalCarper, Texas), 6. Kirk Suedmeyer (MOCarper, Missouri & may also fish in Kansas), 7. Barry Shildneck (needmotime2fish, Georgia), 8. Jim Rink (JPR1, Kansas & may also fish in Missouri), 9. Kris Tait (Kristopher Tait, Texas) Click Here for Registration Details for FFF 2018! Click here for Detailed Rules for FFF 2018 Click here for a List of Award Categories and Prizes for FFF 2018
  4. As the CAG Secretary, it is my duty to certify the Presidential Election. This has been done by the CAG Secretary for all past Presidential Elections. Below is a copy of that document that will be added to the books and records which I maintain for CAG. I will also add my signature and the official CAG seal to this document. This finalizes the CAG Presidential Election. Certificate of Election This document certifies the results of the Carp Angler Group Presidential Election held from Nov.6 , 2017 to Nov. 20, 2017. The results are as follows: Iain Sorrell- 68 Larry Kirchner- 14 Iain Sorrell declared the winner. Recording Secretary: Dave Pickering Signature: Recorded on this date: Nov. 21, 2017
  5. As your new President - Thank you!

    Iain, congrats on being elected President. I know this is a big job and a big committment. Good luck with moving the club forward.
  6. Congratulations to Iain ! As for the low turn out, it must have been the Russian hackers that worked against Larry Seriously, thankyou to both Iain and Larry for stepping up and having some constructive dialogue in the Q & A.
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  8. Carp Guide services and lessons

    There should be some that would teach you the finer points of carping. Go to the Beginner section of the website and start there. Keep in mind, many of us have adopted the Euro style of carping with the long rods and alarms, etc. but you can start with basic tackle for bass fishing. Whoever "guides" you will be a volunteer, I would think. Here in TN, if you guide for $$, you have to have a special license. Also, look at the calendar of events and see what fish-ins are in your area or within driving distance. Welcome to the wonderful world of carping! BTW, I would recommend you consider a membership.
  9. An open letter to Iain, First I would like to thank Iain Sorrell for his Desire to be CAG President, applaud the members who voted for taking the time and effort to choose a direction for CAG, and congratulate and wish Iain well in his Presidency. I hope that those who have put their stamp to Iain's Presidency will follow through by helping him and CAG regain the trust of the membership and create a direction for the club that will be worthy of those who have donated time before. As a stats kind of guy I have to warn folks of over exuberance and celebratory happiness as only the leader has been picked....a victory for CAG is still to be determined and far in the future and folks should mediate their enthusiasm and use that energy to make what Iain is proposing a reality. In 2012, 185 people out of a membership of about 514 voted for a presidential cantidate. (39.9%) Just now 82 out of 371 voted. (22.1%) So not only did we loose 30% of the membership, but statistically of those folks that are still here, 39% less participated in the election ... That means 5 out of every 6 members are still disconnected from what goes on here either by choice, by omission or by neglect. I hope that Iain, and those that work with him will take the time and listen and learn from the last 3 years of their behind the scene experience to correct that... Good Luck Iain in your presidency, and to CAG. Larry Kirchner aka "The Big Worm
  10. As your new President - Thank you!

    Congratulations Iain. Really looking forward to seeing what we can ALL do to move CAG forward
  11. FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Your name: Kris Tait Your CAG forum name: Kristopher Tait Your state or province of residence: Texas Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/18)?: No
  12. Epic Vacation Session!

    Ryan has said he will be writing something for our next issue! And the NACA email is now working naca@carpanglersgroup.com We are always looking for new articles and fishing reports - especially from our younger anglers!
  13. The official election results for CAG President are : Iain Sorrell - 82.93% (68) Larry Kirchner - 17.07% (14) It was a fairly dismal showing as far as the actual votes are concerned with just a little over 21% of the CAG membership casting a ballot. Congratulations to Iain Sorrell. CAG leadership at the presidential level has been left a bit wanting for the past couple years, so I wish Iain all the best in getting the organization back on track and am confident in his communication and consensus-building abilities. Best of luck. --Frank
  14. Buffalo

    I finally joined in on the big buff action. PB 50 lb.
  15. As your newly elected President I'm truly honored to have won your trust to take CAG forward. My thanks go to everyone who voted and my commiserations to Larry Kirchner. I would also like to extend my thanks on behalf of CAG to Bob Giodarno for his leadership & service to CAG. We all wish you a return to better health. In the meantime I look forward to delivering on my commitment toward better communication & engagement with our membership. Thank you again for your confidence in me as your new President. Yours, Iain Sorrell
  16. Possum & Dunkel Fall Fantastic

    Well Done boys!
  17. Polls are closed and the results are in. Our new CAG President for 2018/2019 is Iain Sorrell I want to start off by saying thank you to those that took the time to cast their vote. Last but not least I want to thank Larry and Iain for throwing their hats in the ring. Just like real everyday elections, the voter turnout was a little bit disappointing. Only 21.5% of the members participated in the election. The official results are : Iain Sorrell - 82.93% (68)Larry Kirchner - 17.07% (14)
  18. Emilio Montoya is in! Thanks, Emilio! Participating Anglers, so far (17):Anthony Hartung Chuck Ferczok Mike Olinger Justin Keaton Tony Stout Chad Bettisch Cory Bohmann Dave Marceau Connor Reno Fred Rhodes Walter Wheeler Jim Snyder Chops Krople Larry Seeman Tracy Jourdan Emilio Montoya Frank Rink If 16 or fewer show up, make sure you bring enough rods as up to four will be allowed per angler. Good luck!
  19. How do I find a guide in central California that will teach me how to catch carp?
  20. Last week
  21. Nash Quiver with hood Korum bag, 2 rod sleeve, and buzz bar bag $125 Roxbury, NY Have a Nash quiver with hood. It has a inner zipped pocket that can accommodate a pod, net, throwing still and another pocket outside for buzz bars scale etc. Korum bag is for the roaming angler with a 2 rod sleeve which has a place for net and pole. The buzz bar bag has one long pocket and 2 smaller ones for other bits of kit. All in excellent condition. Pay Pal good ewagner001@catskill.net. Looking for $125 shipped
  22. Chuck Ferczok is in! Thanks, Chuck! Participating anglers, so far:1. Chad Bettisch2. Connor Reno3. Anthony Hartung4. Cory Bohmann5. Justin Keaton6. Emilio Montoya7. Dave Marceau8. Chuck Ferczok9. Frank Rink
  23. There's been a big change in the weather forecast for Joliet on 11/25.17. The 1 1/2 hours of rain/drizzle in the morning is out of the forecast, and temperatures should now reach 50° on Saturday with WNW breezes at 10 mph. Stay tuned. Participating Anglers, so far (16): Anthony Hartung Chuck Ferczok Mike Olinger Justin Keaton Tony Stout Chad Bettisch Cory Bohmann Dave Marceau Connor Reno Fred Rhodes Walter Wheeler Jim Snyder Chops Krople Larry Seeman Tracy Jourdan Frank Rink If our list of anglers stays at 16 (or 16 or fewer show up), make sure you bring enough rods as up to four will be allowed per angler. Good luck!
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