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  2. I am also having issues. If you wouldn’t mind adding my pics, I’d appreciate it. in this order, 25lb 24lb 8oz 19lb 8oz
  3. Yesterday
  4. As Iain mentioned earlier, I’ll upload as soon as I get home.
  5. Went out last night for a quick 3hr session managed one around 7lbs. Pineapple corn with yellow and green floating corn.
  6. Congratulations to Tim Marshall who won the Deeper Pro + Sonar Package in the CAG Membership draw!
  7. Is someone going to post this fish for me?
  8. Last week
  9. I just use the walmart brand Great Value regular panko bread crumbs. Yes this is a great bait especially this time of year. If you watch the video Click through my channel I have a couple videos of fishing with it where we caught some really good fish.
  10. I'm going to give this a try this week. Hopefully it will break the slump my local waters seem to be in right now. Dale, he is using Great Value (Walmart brand) Panko. Which happens to be my bait supply center also, lol. <:///><
  11. Could you disclose the brand name for the Panko? A photo of the 8 oz container would help.
  12. This is how I make my panko pack bait. It works great you can pack it as hard as you want and it will still break down. Got a couple vids up on catching fish on it as well. Thanks for watching if you like what you see dont forget to hit that like and subscribe button
  13. I too, have ground up dry dog food in the processor or blender and used it as a base mix for hand rolled boilies. You can add an egg or two to help bind and any other ingredients you desire. The possibilities are endless but like Ken, I would say no better than other simpler baits. " Everything works at some point" lol Good luck. Todd
  14. Phone is Samsung A50. Photo that I tried to upload is 50 kb
  15. Me and a friend were talking about joining. Thats why I registered a few days ago was checking the cost. The plan is to join once the old pay check hits the bank Friday.
  16. The option to resize does not come up on my phone.
  17. It would be nice if you joined CAG as member and help promote CAG in your videos
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