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  4. I'm not but I think there is someone here I just forget who. Contact the Va. State Chair and hopefully they can steer you towards carpers in your area.
  5. Anyone here in or around Richmond?
  6. You guys did great congrats
  7. I hope this gets said before the start of tomorrow. Heard some stuff from around the lake
  8. You guys are killing me... I caught a 32lb buffalo, a 28lb common and a 15-ish grass carp today. I was happy with myself, but it seems that you beat me in every possible respect! Arumph! ;-) PS. sorry, I don't have the pics handy.
  9. Willem, I was posting on an old thread that I started in an effort to get folks to continue posting on it and noticed after I submitted the reply....the pages that were missing repopulated and the content restored. I tried it on other threads that were from the time frame affected by the upgrade/content loss that I knew had a lot more posts than were showing and had the same thing happen and the missing content re-populated. I noticed I could do it with a single letter post then delete my post and the re-populated content remained. Is it just me, and the content was there and some setting hid it on my end....or does this actually work and is there a faster way to do this to all the threads?
  10. The leaderboard for ATC 2017 will not contain too many pics from the event, so anyone who wishes can post some photos of their catches here. I believe other shots can be found on the Austin Carp Anglers Facbook Page, but since this is a CAG event, I thought a few may want to post here. Tracy Jourdan and I drew pegs chronologically that were middle of the pack and got a middle of the pack peg with middle of the pack results (so far). Day two is tomorrow. No complaints, though. We had some fun with some decent carp and a nice buff: 37-0 buffalo 28-9 common 28-5 common 25-13 common 24-2 common 22-0 common 32-9 grass carp Good luck to all on Day 2! --Frank Rink and Tracy Jourdan
  11. Last week
  12. nice captures
  13. Hello all!! February is winding down, but not the carpin!.......6 fish on Sunday, 2 on Monday, and then this afternoon, 3 more....my son landed 2 like a pro- you can see his confidence growing with each outing!.....Doesn't match Luke's latest 100lb challenge in 2 hours on Cats and Carp.com, or even close to what you're going to catch at ATC (-I wish I was there, even just to watch!!)....but it is still nice to have the chance to fish!!....hope ya like- all caught from a 300yd stretch of creek- 3lbs to a couple of 9lbrs and todays fish topped 218lbs for the month.............things are warming up!!!.... good luck all wherever you're fishin, and those who aren't-GO-or you will regret it...
  14. Call me impressed by Steven... And not so impressed by Michael... ;-)
  15. 80/1 huh......looks like we got some fishin' to do.....
  16. More sponsors added... generous donations from Fox & RecordBaits!
  17. Here is the link for purchasing your 2017 Illinois Fishing License. A couple of helpful hints.... ● Use your name and address exactly as it spelled on your drivers license. ●If the program won't let you get past the donation part, click yes, then delete the donation when you get to the shopping/purchase part. ●Save the e-mail with the transaction # of your purchase. A warden can access that immediately from their laptop/phone....it can sometimes take a few days for your actual license to be updated in the system. ● At the end you will be asked if you'd like to review/see your license. Click yes, then Screen-Shot the image so you have a copy on your phone. If you forget your wallet but not your phone you'll still have it if you get asked. If you purchase a paper one at a retail location...take a picture and crop the excess...don't forget to save it.... Good Luck! https://www.il.wildlifelicense.com/license.php?action=custlkup
  18. Oh Keith, you got that absolutely right. I am going to be so intent on catching more fish than Iain that we might even win something as a side effect! Now that would be unprecedented, as we always did good at the ATC... after the ATC! Thank you for the motivational advice, very helpful.
  19. Got a set of Fox Micron M+ online cheap so no longer need alarms.
  20. I think you meant 'ATC 2017 Anglers'...
  21. Registered ATC 2017 Anglers Please register your name on the leaderboard. Then send me an e-mail with the e-mail address you used to : (Just click link) admin@carpanglersgroup.com If the board say you've already registered, send me that e-mail address. willem@carpanglersgroup.com if you know you're registered and can't remember your password, send me an e-mail with the password you would like to use and I'll reset it. Please inform your partner to do the same. IF YOU FISHED THE ATC 2014, 2015 or 2016, your name should already be on the board. PLEASE READ these instructions: LINK TO LEADERBOARD: http://ldb.carpanglersgroup.com/ Please do this ASAP. Thanks Download this PDF with instructions Leaderboard Instructions.pdf
  22. I haven't tried Agave but wondered about it. I read about someone using tequila before though.
  23. Hmmm...a thought: I've occasionally added beer to my spod mix to increase the attraction, but has anyone tried AGAVE (or tequila) as a carp bait flavor?
  24. Yes sir
  25. I'm not a fan of digital scales. Would much rather have dials that show needle below zero.
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