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  2. If you plan on attending this years 6 Annual 5 Bridges event at Lincoln Park Lagoon , please PM if May 19th 2018 is a date that works for you. I will be trying to set a date that works for most of us. ---Larry
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  4. 2018 Regionals

    I dont know why i didn't get notifications on this post activity until today......No age requirement, must be a CAG memeber at time of event. Either by full memebership or trial membership. Membership and regionals entry are purchachesd through the CAG store. PM me please i will get you added to the Michigan Facebook page. $ 20 to enter regionals 100% goes to prizes and awards. We are also having a social meeting on Sunday Feburary 25th at twin peaks madison heights 1pm.
  5. 2018 Regionals

  6. 2018 Regionals

    Did you get your questions answered, via PM or otherwise?
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    Thank you. See just joining this site, i`ve learned more in the last two weeks, then i have in the ten years i`ve been here. Thanks guys, means alot.
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    Very interesting indeed. I know buying some baits, can get a little pricey. But i do make alot of my own. But Your info, makes alot of sense, because i have wondered why i struggle a little using the baits i do. I did mention in one of my posts, i have been changing around my bait lately, as i think what i used in England, does not seen to work that well over here. But it`s all about trail and error. It,s a good learning curb for me, and i love the fact i have to work hard to catch. Not so much in England it`s very easy there, but then again i learned what worked best there. Any tips are always welcome. Thankyou
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  10. Fly fishing shows

    Thanks for the update Cannonball.
  11. Now those are two of the most beautiful and largest ones I've seen!- great job under tough edge conditions!!!!!
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    .....and, I'd throw in fishing creeks, even the small ones-in the winter, the holes, in the rest of the year anywhere along the creek, especially slack water below riffles........some really strong runs-more so than the lake fish-they're simply better conditioned.........good luck regardless!!!...................
  13. West Point Lake

    Carperama, I have recently been fishing the north end of West Point, where the Chattahoochee flows in, and have been doing pretty well. I have had a handful of carp near double digits, and possibly two over the ten pound mark. I don't have a decent scale, so I haven't been able to properly weigh them. I know for a fact they are in there. In fact, I fished there yesterday and saw multiple high teens carp jumping, and some of em were ten feet in front of me! If you are interested in fishing this area soon, PM me, as I will be going pretty much every weekend, weather permitting!
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    One thing to keep in mind is that the carp in the U.S. are much more naive than in Europe. They hardly see any fishing pressure, they're wild, and many have never even seen a hook. So unless you're fishing on a very difficult water with few carp, you won't need high nutritional value baits that are boosted with various flavors and essential vitamins etc. While that stuff does help it can get pricy and it's really not needed most of the time for U.S. carp.
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    My setup
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    Thanks for all the welcomes. I,m sure we have all learnt a few things over the years. Would be nice to share what i have learned, and also learn some new methods that work well over here. Thanks again all.
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    I might keep ya to that, i know where bethel rd is in columbus, Yes it would be nice if i can get into a group, i have heard about the payed lakes over here but all i have heard it is mad, and you get alot of people either casting near ya, or over ya line. lol i remember that well.
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    Thank you for the reply, and info. I have used a few methods i was used to using in England, as carp fishing is all we do. I have had to change a few things, more so just with bait, but i do make my own bollies and of course i do use cage feeders with my setup. I used to do alot of match fishing in England, just aint done any for a while. And no, we dont eat the carp, we always put ours back.
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    Welcome! Tony
  20. I forgot to post the capture of my new PB koi on the forum for those that do not use Facebook! Instead of rewriting a post I've shared a link to the story and video! http://www.bigcarp.news/web/videos/new-pb-koi-suburban-banks-video/
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    Never fished the Licking River, usually stuck to the big river (Muskingum). Dillon Lake is also a good place for numbers
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    welcome aboard!
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    If you're willing to make the journey, Lake Erie can be awesome, especially the Sandusky Bay.
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    Welcome to the forum from a former Buckeye. I know all the places that Vince mentions and lived near most of them. That was before I discovered carp fishing. Vince, what about the Licking River that comes into Z'ville? Dillon Lake by Z'ville? Salt River by Cambridge? So much water, so little time!
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    Hey Tony! I grew up in Reynoldsburg which isn't that far from Pataskala. I now live on the west side of Columbus, but here is some info to get you started: Your closest large body of water is probably Buckeye Lake. It is loaded with carp, but they tend to stay on the smaller size, 5-12 lbs. I used to fish it a lot when I was a kid with my biggest being 17lbs. I've heard of carp over 20, but they seem to be very rare or I'm fishing the wrong location / time of year. Alum Creek is also a very good lake for numbers with some large fish thrown in. The marina peninsula / dike off of Hollenback road fishing towards the lake seems to always produce carp. With heavy baiting it's sometimes hard to keep both roads in the water. If you're looking for river carp check out the Muskingum, There are various spots all around the Zanesville area. Just a note, the river is very volatile even with a little rain. It seems to get high and fast very easily. I've had carp over 20lbs and the average size seems to be a bit bigger than the two lakes listed above. Hoover reservoir is very close to Alum Creek but it is a lake I've not fished much. There are carp there, but catfish are a real nuisance. You will find channel catfish and blue catfish (stocked a number of years ago). If you're lucky you may hook into one of the elusive Bigmouth Buffalos that are roaming around. There was a picture posted last year from the ODNR showing a state record Buffalo pulled out of the water during a "shock study." They shock the water and the fish float to the top while stunned. They do their measurements and the fish are set free. If you're available March 3rd we are having our yearly "Winter Social" at BW3's on Bethel Rd here in Columbus. We have about 15 people attending at this point. The Social consists of awarding metals for last years big fish, finalizing our 2018 fish-in schedule, a prize raffle, and we also eat a lot of food. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or need guidance. Thanks Vince Shiflet (CAG Ohio State Chair)
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    Ohio is one of the more active "CAG" states..............check them out in the regional section of the forum.
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    Congrats Tony and welcome to the forum!....I'm sure there are plenty of Ohio members that would be happy to share some spots and tourneys with ya!..........
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