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  2. Finally!!.....after 68 carp, my PB common came tonight (after a day of only 2 smallies.......this monster succumbed to my subtle bite technique but didn't fight too much ( a brand new lake swim!)................. WOW!!!!!!!!!
  3. I've been carp fishing for a few years now and had some problems with nuisance species. Particularly bluegills, bullhead, and soft shell turtles. Does anybody know of any bait that carp love but nuisance species don't? It would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Just got back from Lanier lake and it was awesome. I caught 14 carps (all of them 4-7 pounds) and some catfish in 4 hours of fishing. I used home made feed with a lot of corn, bird seed and rabbit pellets and for the bait corn dipped in honey (8 carps) and earth worms (6 carps).
  5. I'm in southeastern pa...right outside of pottstown. Would love to see a group outing at one of our local lakes.
  6. Thanks jerome will do 🖒🖒
  7. Hi! The nearest place to you that guys from GA fish is the Appalachicola where it enters Florida. There is a dam on the FLA /GA border and downstream of that they regularly catch carp in the 10-30lb range. I have never tried it, but it would seem well worth your while ...and maybe someone who knows more will reply to you. I have caught grass carp and Koi not far from you...in pools on Cape San Blas Cheers Tony
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hello, my name is Doug. I currently live in panama city beach. Any idea where I can go and catch some carp? Im originally from indiana and am missing the fun of it? Im willing to travel some on weekend's if you know somewhere?
  10. I took a local TU member Carl Swanson on his first expedition to catch a carp on a fly... His first was this frisky male fish and his second this awesome 25lb common! Both fish falling to an original Jack Gartside pattern cast at bubbling feeders in about 4' of water
  11. FOR SALE: $115 plus shipping. Selling for a friend do to a recent upgrade. Used for a 3 or 4 months. Used once a week. 2 MAD Detonator 12 ft 3.5 TC Bonus! Bonus! butt section of MAD Detonator 12 ft 3.5 tc and a 3 t.c. tip section. #bigsandwichwhilewaitingforthecarp
  12. Sorry to hear bud. How long ago did you buy the alarms?
  13. Last week
  14. Let me suggest you send a PM to 'redcoat', he's the MA state chair.
  15. read this thread, esp. last 8 posts: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/42283-pennsylvania-roll-call/&page=3#comment-729366 best times are Spring & Fall; during Summer heat lakes are better at night, or 3-8AM (little reason to stay past 9AM); in Winter they don't move around much, but you can get some action if you know where they are & put smaller, more delicate baits right in front of them
  16. Hey Nate, That sounds awesome. Thanks for the info and invite. We should link up and fish sometime. What are those other spots? I've heard good things about Green Lane. Thanks again.
  20. i was there that day watching you guys kill it....nice job. kurtz fishing lake has it's ups and downs....
  21. LOL! I think the trophy will suffice. I will ask next years winner if they want the headpiece
  22. Here is a picture of the New Jersey Carp God. If you want I might be able to get you a Carp God head piece.....Let me know...
  23. Hey juss wanted to know if there is a ma fish in or social in the works for this summer?
  24. Thanks for the heads up man scoped out a few spots last week gonna give it a shot hopefully starting next week I'll keep u guys updated thanks for the response
  25. Iain, That was me. It was the same fish in the last picture, but the profile view doesn't really show off its colors. It was my first Ghostie!
  26. Hello, I am simply making this thread to get a rough estimate on how many PA carpers are still active on here. I am trying to gauge the activity in hopes of planning a small get together or "fish-in" at some point. I know I have talked about this idea before but would love to meet a bunch of guys with the same mind-set! Would just have to plan a good spot and time to do so! Please comment below if you are from PA! Sincerely, Nate
  27. Andy, nice to see another euro carper nearby. I live close to Pottstown and fish all over around here. Funny you mentioned MC, you had prob seen some post about it from GORDONSSPORTSUPPLY? LOL. MC is tough, fished it three times now with no luck but have seen very large carp surface. I want to find someone or a few reliable good people to not only fish it with me (prebait like crazy) but also fish for carp all over in general. Feel free to P.M. me for more info... would love to talk! Sincerely, Nate
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