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  3. Thank you! We try to make at as stress free as possible.
  4. Thank you, they were biting the line 2 minutes after casting. Hard work reeling them all in. Music seemed to be a good fit
  5. Rice can also be an effective summertime pack bait, and it lasts a long time between sessions. I've actually made rice pack that was still good the following year (but I wouldn't depend on that -- LOL). Most people make their rice with ketchup, but I prefer to use bottled or canned soft drinks, to eliminate the ketchup taste/smell. Also by using the appropriate soft drink, you can enhance the primary flavor (for example, for strawberry rice, use strawberry soda). Most instant rice is sold in either a 14 or a 28 ounce box. The recipe below is based on a 14 oz. box of rice, which is 'almost' 4 cups. If you can find instant rice in a larger box, you can measure 4 cups and use this recipe. Of course you can double or triple everything if you need more bait. A few Walmart stores sell a really large box (60-70 ounces?) of Minute brand rice at a reasonable price -- about the same price per ounce as the Walmart brand. Instant Rice Packbait -- no ketchup 4 Cups Instant Rice (14 ounce box) -- I've had good results using both "name" and "store" brands of instant rice 1/2 Cup Plain Salt (not iodized) 1/2 cup Sugar (either granulated or powdered) Your - optional - (dry) flavor of choice, such as Kool Ade, or Jello, or spices. Mix together in bucket, including any dry flavors. 12 ounces soft drink (with sugar - not 'diet'). It's best to match the main flavor if possible, or else to use something neutral (ginger ale, Sprite, Cream Soda) that won't over-power your primary flavor. Your - optional - (liquid) flavor of choice, such as carp bait flavors, Sno-cone syrup, milkshake flavor, kitchen flavorings, etc. (Mix any liquid flavors with the soft drink in a separate container) Add the soft drink, etc. to the bucket of rice, salt and sugar, and mix thoroughly (it will seem to be much too wet). Be sure to stir everything up from the bottom to make sure it is all well-mixed. Cover. Let it set for at least 2 hours and mix again. Most of the "excess" liquid should have been absorbed by now. Repeat after another 2 hours. Let set overnight. Mix again and cover. It should be OK to use -- but it will probably be even better after another 8-12 hours. When it's ready, the bait will feel like rubber and will pack and cast easily. But it will usually break in under a minute.
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  7. Thanks, I’ve been using two pieces of fake corn only with a method above with real corn. I probably need to add some real corn to the hair.
  8. Canned sweet corn, flavored and unflavored. Doing an experiment with unflavored corn on the hook and a bare-bones approach to tackle.
  9. Carp are fickle as I have found they will change their minds without notice. I don't stick to one flavor on that basis. I have some flavors from a paylake store in SC. They are concentrated so a few drops will do the job. Mostly, I use flavors from the grocery- vanilla, anise, peppermint, to name a couple. Not much luck with maple or orange. You don't need a lot of flavor; a few drops will be OK. I have caught carp on sweet corn soaked in white vinegar! Don't add a lot of water to the oatmeal when it begins to dry. Just add a few drops at a time. Good fishing!
  10. Another question, what’s on your hair rig, fake corn, real corn, boilie? Or some combination?
  11. Howdy, I was going to try your recipe. What flavors work well? And, how many ounces of flavor do you add?
  12. At least something was biting a lot. Rather it be a carp, though. One is more than zero!
  13. Nanook

    New here

    I bet if I went back there today I’d catch a carp, but I’m old and tired and it’s going to storm again.
  14. Nanook

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    My gnat removal method worked, but I only brought one stogie.
  15. Nanook

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    My only catch in five hours, besides gnats harassing my ears and eyeballs
  16. Sounds good, Larry. Thanks for the information!
  17. As always Chad, let me know if you need some help. Since I live in Joliet it might make a couple things easier on you if you have some small tasks that I could do to help out.
  18. let me double check the official CCC rules however, I don't see a problem. Ill find out for sure for you.
  19. Well done!. I like the level of respect you how for the fish!
  20. patience grasshopper..............carp will come...........
  21. Last week
  22. Hi Chad, Last time when it was held at Lake Storey i was able to enter it with my 5 year old and we fished together with the understanding that he would need some help with casting and netting fish, will be it be the same this year as i would like to bring both of my boys along this time.
  23. Cool video, loved watching every fish. Nice introduction song too!
  24. I like a big fat wallet... Ladies... This is a family forum, I can't really elaborate, but let's just say this is a bit different..
  25. Yeah, well, my Big4 score so far isn't exactly 'legend worthy', LOL. But yes, I'll be happy to fish with you at some point. Don't hesitate to nag me by PM.
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