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  2. renewed membership

    I’ve messaged Willem to help you.
  3. Spring fundraiser fishin

    Updated angler list for April 15th Lee Y. Dave H. Carver H Goran B.
  4. renewed membership

    I checked you out and everything looks good. Are you sure the Sign in and password where ok? Let me know if it continues. Barry
  5. Yesterday
  6. Spring fundraiser fishin

    Facebook Link for the Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/393465841126456/
  7. I recently renewed my membership but have no access to members section. Also having difficulty sending messages to fix the problem. That's why I am posting here.
  8. I recently renewed my membership but have no access to members section. Also having difficulty send messages to fix the problem. That's why I am posting here.
  9. I got 24 on Bivvy and 6 for this one
  10. TourneyX Registration Required by all Anglers

    Ok, no problem. Chances are you are already in there. I’ll check to make sure, and all else fails, we’ll get you sorted at the corn boil!
  11. ATC Itinerary

    Our pleasure, man. See you soon!
  12. 3258D71F-A1FA-452C-A379-20ACDA07E277.MOV
  13. Last week
  14. Meccanica rod pods

    Alex only 2 drawbacks....lol price and weight
  15. Canal carpin March 18th

    Had pretty good action today from about 8am tell noon and somewhere around 10 Fish hit the mat. All low to mid doubles with the biggest being a 26.2 and a 20.13 all on iq d rigs and 16mm Manila wafters.
  16. Test Post to investigate the Rod Hutchinson Bivvy incident Please post here if you received multiple notifications of this post
  17. No problem Mike, thank you.
  18. add me to the reserve list thanks
  19. Rod Hutchinson Bivvy

    I wanted to sell this new Rod Hutchinson 1 man Cabrio Bivvy for a friend of mine. The bivvy is new and has only been set up twice to photograph. This was my first time setting up a bivvy so apologize for it being untaught and bad weather was moving in. This comes with a brand new groundsheet, 20 heavy duty stakes and of course the bag. If you have any questions please message me. I will entertain serious offers and will lower for a local pickup. I will ship but anticipate shipping being calculated. Thank you. This also listed on facebook under euro carp fishing tackle group Asking 250 + shipping

    Hell yea. Bow fishing IMO is absolutely stupid
  21. Meccanica rod pods

    This rod pod is bad ass. Pricey. But bad ass. Do want.
  22. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Correction, the new Ft. Loudoun lock access road looks to be paved now.
  23. TourneyX Registration Required by all Anglers

    I can not register Said My username and email is already being used I agree by Me!!!!!
  24. Your most preferred Mainline

    Korda subline. Tubing first 16 inches if I need to lay it down more

    That was a great video thanks
  26. If you haven’t already... **Leaderboard Registration Required** We need to get all registered anglers to go the following site, and register as an angler: https://tourneyx.com/app/register/angler Feel free to put a pic and a bio, if you want, but not necessary. You can also type in your sponsors, and upload an image. Leave the Angler Subscription box UNCHECKED, and make sure to agree to the terms of service. After you have registered your account, you can find the 2018 Austin Team Championship, under TEAM TOURNAMENTS, and add yourself to the tournament. Thank you for your cooperation. 😜 Let me know if you have any questions!
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