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  2. CAG Big 4 Registration and Logo - Fall 2017

    Its sounds so much better when You say it! Ha Ha Nuff Said! Thank You
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  4. CAG Big 4 Registration and Logo - Fall 2017

    What Jerome’s saying is that if you paid and you’re in, you can still go on the leaderboard and load your catches. Im the “gatekeeper” of the leaderboard, you you didn’t pay, you can not post catches. I only approve those that paid. Rest assured, it’s not our 1st rodeo
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  6. CAG Big 4 Registration and Logo - Fall 2017

    Wouldn't that be a little confusing? To have people on the leaderboard that did not register by the deadline? Am I reading this wrong? How will people on the board know who is actually entered or not?
  7. Well, it's been a long tough fall, the victory coffee could not keep me from being sick for a month and out of work. Finally back on my feet and found the time to put together a new episode of CarpQuest. So, it's time to break out your java, heat up the water, grab a huge mug, sit back and enjoy our latest episode. In this session I travel up to northern Colorado and fished with two anglers new to carp fishing, Ryan and Bleu. It's one of the things I love about CarpQuest, the opportunity it provides me to meet so many passionate anglers. It was a great day, good conversation, lots of commons in the net and finally a new PB grass carp for me landed. What an amazing session. Both Ryan and Bleu continued with their carp fishing, with Bleu winning the TLO Carp Tournament at the end of this year, and Ryan placing in the previous one. What a great couple of guys, passionate and dedicated to their fishing. Hope you enjoy ! John CarpQuest
  8. Boats/Kayaks

    Another thing is that carp fishing is often very slow... And one gets quickly cramped on a boat when sitting doing nothing, and no space to walk around and stretch... That is, unless you have a pontoon boat or something very spacious, of course.
  9. You’re flash may have been off.
  10. Last week
  11. MemberShip

    Alright , Thank you !!!
  12. CAG Big 4 Registration and Logo - Fall 2017

    Phil Go to this page: Those are the rules and towards the middle you'll find a link to the Instructions for the Leaderboard.
  13. By the way, just to clarify, even though the Big4 event registration is closed by now, you guys can still sign up with the leaderboard (and report fish). That is, until the end of the event (Nov 15th), of course. Better get started though!
  14. I asked Willem to take a look, he's the master of those things...
  15. CAG Big 4 Registration and Logo - Fall 2017

    Hi Jerome.....while i was at Dale Hollow i registered for the Big Four...got emails etc but do not appear in the list (albeit with no fish as I had no printed logo!!) can you help?? Phil
  16. MemberShip

    Anthony Anthony, I cancelled your reoccurring payment plan since we did not receive the digital confirmation from PayPal that it was paid. I did manually mark you paid since I can see the payment in PayPal. So next year when renewal comes up, you can activate reoccurring payment again. (I've had a couple of these happen in the AUG pay period, not sure why we didn't get confirmation from PayPal)
  17. Georgia Fall Fish-in

    It's THIS Saturday (10/21). Hope to see you there... but if possible, let me know in advance so I'll have a head count for food.
  18. MemberShip

    Sounds good. Thanks
  19. MemberShip

    I’ll check in the morning why it didn’t change your status.
  20. BIG 4 Fall 2017 - Bragging Thread

    .................ok, so a little braggin!- finally broke 20lbs with a 23-1!!!........what a fight as well!!........and then, well.....babies are carp too!....Caught this 13-0, 17-14, 11-8, 6-9, then the 23-1, and 1-4, and 1-4-twins!!....oh, and one turtle!!...............
  21. NGT Big Pit reels

    Are these still available and what model # are they?
  22. MemberShip

    Profile and post show me as a Forum guest but I should be a paid member since auto renewal withdraw from my PayPal. Can someone please direct me on how to get this issue resolved ? Thanks
  23. Nash alarms for sale

  24. TROPHIES FOR ALL JOLIET TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS I've decided to award trophies to the Big 4 Champions of the following carp tournaments in Joliet: October 28, 2017 November 11, 2017 November 25, 2017 December 9, 2017 December 31, 2017 - January 1, 2018 The usual medals will be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place Big 4 winners, to the 1st and 2nd place Most Carp winners, and to the Specialty Event winner. The first Championship trophy for October 28 is the smallest of the bunch, but it might be the nicest of the group. It's a 6", all metal, carp-themed trophy from the U.K. A metal plate indicating you are the 10/28/17 Big 4 Champion along with the tournament name, date, and place will be installed prior to the event. Good luck! --Frank Rink, Joliet Fall 40's Tournaments organizer
  25. Boats/Kayaks

    using boats/yaks to get to a pristine bank spot works great ...otherwise, not really that ideal as fishing platforms for carp-specific tackle/techniques/paraphernalia: can't use long rods -- even 8'-9' is cumbersome on a small boat (esp., if not alone) can't keep the "rod end" of your set-ups still basically, can't use 90% of your "carpiest toys"
  26. Possum & Dunkel Fall Fantastic

    Yes, Carping is fun on its own. But it's the sharing time on the bank with good friends that makes it really special. Good job!
  27. Boats/Kayaks

    We have successfully landed carp from boats many times. It offers different challenges to bank fishing, but can be done effectively. One of the biggest challenges is keeping the fish from wrapping in anchor lines, and diving under the boat.
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