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  2. Colonel James Corbett mentions the mahseer in his book, Maneaters of Kumaon. Thanks for a great story and the photo. So much water, so little time!
  3. The Mahseer is highly regarded for its fighting abilities – using the fast flowing waters of the Himalayan Rivers even a 15 lb Mahseer can put up a fight that is not for the faint hearted. The British (during their stay in India) and the Indian Royalty popularized fishing for the species, and for some it became a rite of passage akin to killing a tiger! Stout tackle was the order of the day and often that too did not measure up to the power and brute force exerted by the Mahseer. If you are looking for a fishing adventure then there are few others that measure up to the Golden Mahseer of the Indian Himalayan Rivers! The Himalayan Outback has been focusing on Fly Fishing trips for the Mahseer, continuously searching for newer and better locations. If you want to get more information about Indian Mahseer Logon to this site https://himalayanoutback.com or Contact on this number +91 981 560 5847 (India)
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  5. Nice work my friend!!! I see you out there putting in some hardcore time. A true carper indeed!
  6. Nothing wrong with pre tied. I have to buy pre tied chods as my aging fingers just get annoyed using bristle filament. However tying your own is cheaper and more satisfying, also if they don't work as well you've only got yourself to blame! ,πŸ˜‚ I've used most manufacturers over the years with varying hooks and hooklink materials and those are the basic rigs that have done the job. A lot of the fancy rigs are usually little more than a variant on an old theme and catch more anglers than fish. I don't think I use any more than 5 different rigs. If I can make a suggestion try watching Terry Hearn "Tunnel vision" on YouTube along with his other videos. Top UK angler and great story teller. A guy who really knows his rigs.
  7. Dropped into Chatfield this morning and after blanking like a pro last week decided to give Eagle Cove another shot. This area may have cost me a small fortune in rig materials getting busted off in weeds and gravel ridges I figured at least I got runs and it's almost payday anyway. That said I went a bit hit and hold by staying close to the rods and having the drag set pretty tight. First carp was a good upper single to my left rod. Then the right screamed off, which was the danger area, so I walked back up the beach trying to keep what felt a nice fish clear of the snags. After a little bit of scary bumbps and friction on the line I stated gaining back line and into the clear water. Nice little 16lb. 😁
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    Rivers are slowly coming down and weather is nice this week, look out Mississippi!
  9. Appreciate the pics! I was thinking braid was all folks use, good to see the flouro being used as well. I bought a hundred or so pre-made rigs so I could get out and fish successfully, but want to tie my own to save money and use my pretty little rig box☺️
  10. Mock ye all ye like, it's draught free and still fits where it touches πŸ˜‚ Besides as I get advanced in years I'm hurtling back towards dribbling quietly and eating mushy food soooooo...πŸ€”
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  12. I have always found using more than one Ziggy can lead to disaster if a fish kites to the side ...and you can bet they will! πŸ™„ However they've caught me a few when all around me have failed. These things have I found; Use a reasonably large running rig set up with 2oz leads at least. Clear Pike type inline floats are great, bright colored ones for better visual. 6ft leader and small hooks ( 8 or 10) Pva foam nuggets are very helpful on the hook Start off just beneath the surface, then increments of a few inches down over time. Attach a small pva bag of floating pellets to the hook as well for extra attention. Also a fox paste bomb with a method mix attached, with floating particles in the mix, can be deadly. Don't use popups. Plastics/ foam are far better Finally you have to enjoy sorting out tanglesπŸ˜‚
  13. Standard semi stiff pop up rig with Korda Dark Matter 25lb BS coated braid, with the last part near the hook stripped back to expose the braid, Korda Kurv size 8 for a 15mm boilie. Usually the pop up is held down by putty or a bb shot placed just on the coated braid next to the stripped section. I've been using this a lot with packbait on a short 4" link. I've always found that worked well with the method back home. It's also the rig I caught my 32lb on on using a size 10 and critically balanced plastic/ real corn. It's quite a versatile rig that also works with bottom baits as well, even without a line aligner set up although I like to keep the tubing so the hair comes off the back of the hook curve. 😁
  14. Since I have my rig book handy here's my go to rigs for 99% of the time. This is my standard line aligner rig for bottom baits. Link is Korda IQ flouro 15lbs BS with Korda Wide Gape size 6 for an 18mm boilie.
  15. Nice looking spot 😁
  16. And, amazingly, here's the fleece onesie I was wearing. Great bit of kit, kept me toasty for years 😁
  17. Just flicked through some articles here and came to one about Euro carping. Thought the rod pod looked familiar, then up popped this pic of me on the bank at least 15 years ago! Sat at Shearwater in the UK in my old Fox Evo probably about March/ April if my six layers of clothes are an indicator of conditions. Thanks Louis for recycling some of my stuff, I really don't mind as long as it's out there. 😁 Now as for royalties....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  18. Congratulations looking forward to seeing photos and news of activities of the group. Very familiar with central Ohio- Shadeville (house is gone) and Grove City.
  19. Hello, As the new Director of Women’s Programs I want to announce that a new club has been created for female anglers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/467339143828027/?ref=share Please join us! We are still associated with CAG, but want to promote a Carp Angling culture amongst each other! The group emphasizes on growing the sport amongst the female population, skills building, friendship, and fish preservation. This is the Facebook link for the group, please join us as we embark upon a new adventure! Tight lines!
  20. Congratulations, Lynn! Great to have a lady leader into carp fishing.
  21. Thank you all so much! I look forward to growing a fantastic women’s program! 😁
  22. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Lynn Newsome from Ohio has been voted Director of Women's Programs. Congratulations to Lynn and thanks for volunteering for this exciting new postion.
  23. You know what Jerome I won my section in the 2004 CCC in Joliet.
  24. Thank You Lee. I appreciate the support over the last couple of years.
  25. awesome write up mate,your playing with the big boys now. for those of you who don't know FDA i found him about 4 years ago fishing in the annual kids fishing event hosted by wethersfield game club which after a few tweaks to his rig he managed to catch a carp and win the thing !. next year i saw him again fishing the same event and after advising him where to cast with only 2 minuets to go till the end he again catches a carp and wins again ! a few months after that i took him and his dad on a tutorial and he managed to catch his old PB a stunning 23lb common. as you can see folks he has gone from strength to strength and is now a force to be reckoned with,keep up the great catch rate bruv ,im so proud of you. if any of you see him out there beware , he is a "haulin" machine !!!
  26. By a unanimous vote of the BOD our by-laws have been amended to add a new BOD position. The position is Director of Women's Programs. It has been added to Aricle IV of our by-laws under Duties of Directors and Officers. Below is a description of the duties of that postiion as stated in the by-laws: 21) Director of Women’s Programs (note: by-laws amended 7/16/19 to add this position) A) Promote the sport amongst the female population B) Help the female anglers improve their skills and knowledge of carp fishing C) Improve female participation in CAG events D) Increase CAG membership of female anglers
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