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  2. After some issues in the past it was decided not to continue with registrations after the start of the Big 4.
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  4. Damn, I missed the sign up. Haven't been online much lately. Three month event and no late registration?
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  6. *Awards and Dinner* *Fri Mar 22nd 8:00p - 10:30p* The awards ceremony and dinner will be at Easy Tiger at the Linc! With the closing of Threadgills’ Riverside location, we had to hunt down a new spot. Well, THIS IS THE SPOT! German Beer Garden with great food! Complete with ping pong tables and a giant Jenga set! Looking forward to it! Dinner and regular drinks provided, with a cash bar! 👍 Google Maps: Easy Tiger Linc https://goo.gl/maps/ZFv86uZAYnu
  7. Additional Banquet dinners for guests, family and friends.

    $25 per person




  8. I haven't had rubber bands for years. I've used pieces of stick, but it takes a minute to find one the right size. I decided store bought are faster and easier. Got like five hundred of them in little lattices for three and a half bucks. The plastic is hard and durable, and there's a slot in the middle that helps keep the line in place. Just makes my life easier for a low price. jdefreitas, glad you got it figured out. It's probably a lot simpler than you thought. There should be a tiny loop at the end of your hair. Shove your baiting needle through the bait, hook the loop and pull it back through, put something in the loop to prevent it pulling back and pull it tight so the stop doesn't fall out.
  9. Little piece of rubber band works pretty well and is cheap and easy to make. Everyone has rubber bands just laying around collecting dust and a pair of scissors. 1/4 inch or so has worked for me anyways. And thank Cannonball for the tip.
  10. Carp on the fly are a blast. Where are you in Florida? Not many common carp but plenty of grass carp in the canals etc
  11. Carp on the fly are a blast. Where are you in Florida? Not many common carp but plenty of grass carp in the canals etc
  12. 3/17/19 I've used ONLY in-line (non-offset barb) circle hooks for carp for the last 10 years! I use them in size 1/0: (1) Eagle Claw Octopus in-line circle Model L7228 Lazer Sharp ("Tournament Approved")or (2) Gamakatsu Octopus in-line Circle Model 221311 - red. I went to these because about 10 years or so ago there was talk about the NYS DEC requiring use of in-line circle hooks for all species to protect the striped bass in the Hudson River (NY) where I fish. I panicked - did some research (Cabelas) - and found the Eagle Claws - advertised as "Wide Gap" - bought them -- and never looked back. Added the Gamakatsus a few years later. Both of these hooks are super-sharp - real razor blades. If a channel catfish or carp just nudges the bait it's hooked -- just take your time, pick up the rod and start reeling - absolutely unnecessary to "set" the hook. I realize what I've just said and do may sound way-out to some - and maybe in heavily fished waters like UK there may be a problem. In the Hudson, though, I just load the hook with a few corn kernels -- No Hair Rigs - a small piece of fresh bread squeezed flat. I use an old-style fish-finder rig - snell the hooks on a 9 inch piece of mono topped off with a barrel swivel - and run the mainline (mono) through a 3 or 4 oz flat ("No Roll") sinker. I'm sure an egg sinker will work as well. 1/0 too big? -- that was my first concern - but I've caught 1 lb goldfish on this size! My review ("Carpshark") of the Eagle Claws is posted on Cabelas -- also posted there is a review of a striper fisherman ("Krizo")who praises them -- Krizo uses larger size while drifting live herring baits for Hudson stripers.
  13. Hey everyone. Glad I found this Forum. I'm a landlocked Florida boy and have been interested in Carp on the fly for a while now. I see a great deal of similarities between Carp and Bonefish. Maybe I'm crazy but that is where I'm at. Looking for fly's and advice on going after these great giant fish with my fly rod. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for any help. John
  14. If you have any difficulties then please email Willem with any questions: BIG4@joincag.com
  15. New number is 937 869 0613..0please call if your selling Cabela's European predators 11ft spinning.. 13/4 curve it 21/4 curve
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  17. id take some. just getting into hair rigs
  18. He stopped responding after a couple of conversations about it last year... I asked to see it running & no more responses.
  19. This is the official 2019 Logo. Big 4 Logo Official 2019.pdf
  20. Spring Big 4 2019 These are the final and definitive rules for the CAG Spring Big 4 2019. (Note Rule 1 is now complete and there are no more admissions to the competition.) It is the Competitors responsibility to read and understand these rules. Any questions about these rules must be made within the period of the competition. If in doubt ask! No changes or allowances will be made to catches or uploads that are outside of these rules. To enter the competition you must be a paid up CAG member and have registered and paid your entry fee of $10.00 payable in the CAG Store for the Spring Big 4 2019 between February 1st and March 12th. No entries will be accepted if your registration or payment falls outside of these dates. Please make sure that when your entry is accepted that you then register on the CAG Leaderboard. You only have to register ONCE: if you have already registered for other events, ie Big 4 or the ATC, then all you need to do is Log in and add the Spring Big 4 2019 event to your name after you have paid your entry fee. Instructions on how to use the leaderboard can be found here: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/403-2019-cag-spring-big4/ Any questions, e-mail Willem through BIG4@JOINCAG.COM The Competition will run from March 15th at 0:00am until midnight on June 15th 2019. All uploads must be completed by midnight on June 15th. If you have an issue whereby the upload of an entry is not accepted by the CAG Leaderboard on June 15th you must contact Willem through BIG4@JOINCAG.COM by Mid day June 16th and we will accept your entry and assist you in completing the entry on the following days. No upload or messages posted with a date/time of June 16th midday or beyond will count. Upload protocol must be adhered to in order to have an entry accepted. If any requirement or detail is missing the entry will not be counted. It is the Angler’s responsibility to ensure all details are entered. Only your four biggest fish of the common, mirror or leather varieties count (no grass, buffalo or other strains/breeds will be accepted). Upload the first four fish that you catch during the qualifying period. Subsequently, ONLY UPLOAD a fish if it is BIGGER than your fourth biggest fish. DO NOT UPLOAD FISH THAT ARE SMALLER THAN YOUR FOURTH BIGGEST FISH: this clogs the system and causes errors in uploads. This competition is about four big fish only not the total quantity of fish caught during the competition. Captures should be updated within 48 hours of capture and no later than 5 days during the competition. However where there are key dates relating to prizes ie end of Month Leader Prize uploads MUST BE UPLOADED WITHIN 48 HOURS. For end of competition all uploads must be completed by midday June 16th. If you have upload problems you must notify using this email address only: big4@joincag.com Required details: Your Upload must include the following: (1)Trophy Photo of you, the captor, with the fish, the scales used to weigh the fish, the Spring Big 4 logo for 2019 visible in black and white or color; (2) the exact weight of the fish in lbs and ozs; (3) the State in which the fish was caught. Photo sizes are a maximum of 250kb. Please ensure you enter date and time of capture in the comments section under the photo. All Anglers must be in possession of the corresponding State Fishery License and all fish must be caught on legal rod and line methods and returned safely without harm. Please check your scales for accuracy and ensure that you properly zero the weigh sling (wetted but properly drained) before weighing your catch. Here’s a suggestion: wet your weigh sling, shake off any excess water then hang it on the scales until the water drains and the weight is stable. This usually takes less than 30 seconds. Then zero the sling on the scales and weigh the fish. The CAG BOD reserves the right to request an angler entered in the CAG Big 4 to submit their scales for verification in the event of any disputes. The Spring Big 4 2019 logo will be available for download in a separate thread from the date of the opening of the Competition. Prizes will be awarded to the Anglers finishing in the first 10 places which will be determined as the aggregate of that Anglers best four fish caught within the rules and during the period March 15th 0:00am until June 15th Midnight. There will be prizes awarded for Biggest Common and Biggest Mirror. Additional recognition awards will be made to the captors of the individual biggest fish in the 5 regional areas. Prizes will also be awarded to the Leader as of the final day of each calendar month of the competition: End of March, April and May. Images must be clear. (See notes below). The fish, angler, scales and logo must all be in focus and clearly visible. For the first 72 hours only entries will be accepted where the CAG Spring Big 4 Logo is on a cell phone or iPad/tablet or similar any of which must be in the photo. This will be acceptable only for fish caught on March 15th through March 17th allowing everyone time to print the required paper version. Some pointers and suggestions for photos. The Big 4 Logo is only 3.75 x 2.75 inches. This is the size of many state/provincial fishing and hunting licenses. You can therefore put your logo in a standard license holder from any tackle shop, and pin it on your clothes, or even your unhooking mat. You can also print out a larger version to ensure good visibility. Enclose your logo in a zip lock bag or get it laminated to prevent it getting wet or damaged. When taking the photo have the fish close to your body/over the thigh/knee area and over a suitable un-hooking mat. This allows you to keep proper control of the fish. The fish, angler, scales and logo must all be in focus. When taking the picture do not zoom in to just have angler and fish. Zooming in reduces the pixilation count on the photo and reduces the quality of the photo. Winners photos will be used for magazines and the biggest regional fish photos will be used for awards. Maximum size of photo is 250kb. Please read the full Leaderboard and upload info: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/403-2019-cag-spring-big4/
  21. I'm a fan of 5 days max myself, people can blur backgrounds and such these days, golfers cant submit scorecards the monday after the final round LMAO how ridiculous would that be? Also sidebar : if people hold off until the last day to post fish they squirreled away for months, it will turn myself and a lot of people off.
  22. For anyone with experience, feel free to weigh in. For people new to the lake or looking for info, I found this: https://smlfishfinder.com/ and it looks like a helpful start
  23. Wow, thanks! Those were amazing. I think the purists among us were horrified at the ways the carp were treated, being dropped on the ground and such, and certainly at the third one, but I found the whole thing fascinating. The Japanese and Chinese people in these videos had an ultimate respect for the carp as a part of their cuisine.Seems like the water quality of the carp's habitat and the preparation and cooking techniques made a huge difference in the taste of a fish that gets so much derision here in the States. I liked the whole presentation. Much faster paced and complex compared to the US version of Iron Chef. I may even have to try some simpler versions of some of those recipes.
  24. I like the 5-7 days. Keeps it timely, and..................I likes seeing the fish!!!...
  25. Sounds good, but then the rule that we shouldn't upload more than the 4 biggest fish on the leaderboard needs to be tuned a bit. Example: if one catches two 40s in March (you wish!), four 30s in April, four 20s in May, one will need to keep all those fish in there to compete for both overall event and the monthly prizes... Maybe the rule should be reworded as "don't create more than 4 new entries per month", or something like that.
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