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  3. camthefisherman

    local carp fishin

    Hey Jeff I'm camron i live in Moses Lake was now but I'm new to carp fishing just trying to find others on wa
  4. camthefisherman

    Fishing in eastern wa

    That does sound intresting. I attempted to learn to fly fish when I was in high school never really got it down. I'm from Olympia wa i used to only fish for bullhead, trout and panfish and bass. Then I saw a guy start pulling 15-30lb carp out of black lake. And I've been hooked ever since. I don't know much so I'm going through here trying to learn as much as I can. Any tips or even point to the helpful posts would be greatly appreciated.
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  7. SoCalCarper

    CT Open Carp Tournament 2018

    Awesome sounds great to bad I used all my vacation time already😤
  8. sullypool

    CCC 2018 Registration

    Is there going to be a list to see who has signed up?
  9. (CT) Savayman

    CT Open Carp Tournament 2018

    The CT Open Carp Tournament is back and being organized by local store the Fishing Factory in Middletown. The CT Carp Open is BACK!!! October 11th, 2018 through October 14th, 2018. Peg draw will be October 10th (location TBD) and awards ceremony will be October 14th (Middletown Elks Club). https://www.facebook.com/groups/313001709231412/about/ This tournament will be similar to the tourneys that were held in 2015 & 2016 with some minor adjustments. It will remain a Big Fish, Big 4, and Big Mirror tournament. Massive prize pools, $25,000 jackpot prize for establishing a new CT State Record Carp, double peg draw format, and hosted during the peak New England foliage time when carp are feeding hard! This tournament needs 40 anglers minimum for it to go off and provide the currently established prize pool. But ready for the rich part? Every angler who registers over the minimum then their entry money will be divided up 100% back into the big fish & big 4 payout categories. Don't hesitate to sign up! To sign up either go in person to Fishin' Factory 3 in Middletown, CT (forms available sun 5/20) or fill out the registration form and mail with your payment to address on form. Cost is $400/angler and anglers can fish solo or in teams of 2. Runners are optional (and free) and they will be limited to only spombing, checking depths, netting fish, and campsite duties (they cannot partake in the fishing). Proper carp care is required and local fishing licenses are required. For all your carp angling needs and for fishing licenses please stop by Fishing Factory 3! We hope to see everyone there! Please stay tuned for updates on ceremony venues, prizes, updated payout schedule after 40 anglers enter, etc. For registration forms and rules sheets please visit the "files" tab on this group. Peg maps will be uploaded as soon as the CT DEEP approves of them. Tight lines, wet nets and stay Carpy! https://www.facebook.com/groups/313001709231412/files/
  10. Wow, what beautiful fish you've caught! I've been carping for years and I'm still yet to land a mirror. You're doing great, keep carp fishing!
  11. (RI) pickerd

    Big 4 rules

    The Spring Big 4 is one of our signature tournaments. If we were going to make big changes (as we did in 2018) on how things were going to run as well as the outcome (winners and prizes), it should have been addressed beforehand on this Forum with the members. The BOD should have also discussed these changes and approved/disapporoved of them before the Spring Big 4 was held.
  12. David Dakin

    Big 4 rules

    I couldn’t have put it better myself Todd. I’m glad we got some input on this topic and I do feel much better about the opportunity to speak out. Good it hear from you all. Dave D
  13. Todd Richer_7193

    Big 4 rules

    I have no doubt that someone's intentions were good when he/she/they CAG? decided to transition this tournament into a regional one. But based on the comments here and additional chatter I have heard/read, I think the outcome missed its mark. Encouraging more interest and inclusion from others outside the "advantaged areas" is fine but if these changes put the majority of the paying tournament members at a disadvantage...…. I would think that the move would have an opposite effect in the long run... Regardless, Thank you for encouraging and receiving my feedback. Todd
  14. markpinner

    For Sales

    Matrix pod sold Matrix hockey sticks sold Ball Butt rests sold
  15. Johnny Carter

    ngt dual line pod

    hello i have a nice shape ngt dual line rod pod includes carrying case . have switched out the rusty prone screws with stainless screws .. asking $40.00 plus shipping for quickest response text me at 317 415-4915 thanks
  16. (CT) Savayman

    Big 4 rules

    Please keep the feedback coming. The aim of creating regions for 2018 was to encourage more interest from other parts of the USA. I think you also have to ask the question as to why so few folk enter from other parts of the USA? There has been a lot of discussion over the years about how the Big 4 is biased towards certain areas (like New England, PA or Michigan). If you take a look at the top 3 weights or the top 10 winners for the last 5 years you'll see that is very much the case. Spring Big 4 Results 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 First 170.11 129.13 120.12 162.09 138.10 Second 154.04 127.15 106.04 135.06 136.06 Third 143.04 122.13 106.02 129.03 122.15 Big Fish 56.04 36.10 37.00 48.04 39.05 Big Mirror 40.02 30.01 37.00 48.04 39.05
  17. Yes I agree. I plan on experimenting this weekend with different baits.
  18. Thanks! Carp are my favorite fish. Beautiful fish that always put up a great fight.
  19. KingKool

    Using New Pack Bait

    nice captures
  20. Stuart Green

    2 X Harrison Ballista Rods. 12’ 3.50 LB TC

    Hello CarpManiac, did you have any thoughts on the pictures I sent you? Thank You. Stuart
  21. Todd Richer_7193

    Big 4 rules

    I must say that I too was very disappointed as to how this years Big 4 tournament was conducted and concluded. The first time that I had heard of this tournament being a regional tournament was well after it had begun. Poor communication to members of this group for sure. Secondly, as Dave Pickering mentioned above, prizes and the disbursement of prizes should have been mentioned prior to the beginning of the tournament. Hearing nothing, I assumed that it would be just as it was in the past. Top ten finishers would be recognized and prizes would be given. Again poor communication to membership as this was not done. Very little recognition and acknowledgement were given to most of the members that deserved some. The CAG Big 4 tournament is a premier yearly event that should be showcased much better than this spring tournament was. Very disappointing to say the least. I can only hope that my comments in this post will help to start more dialog and communication within CAG to avoid these issues in future tournaments. Thanks Todd Richer
  22. SoCalCarper

    Big 4 rules

    Top ten finishers was cool 😎. Maybe even a few winners from each zone I wasn’t no where near the top but some people in some zones had spectacular fish The results spoke for themselves but didn’t get anything. Maybe next time hats off to all the participants and organizers sometimes mistakes are made. 🍻
  23. (RI) pickerd

    Big 4 rules

    I also did not like the regional aspect of this tournament. That tends to work when you have equal number of entrants from each zone. If you look at the list of entrants at least half were from the northeast zone. Some zones had almost no one. So, no question, the NE guys were at a big disadvantage. I agree with Dave on this point. And only one winner from each zone. Come on man. The BOD discussed this several years back when numbers were way down in the tournament, and we decided to up the number of winners to get more participation. That was the policy we adopted. At the time we decided to award the top ten finishers and this happened several years in a row. I assumed this would happen again this year. And, we had no idea of the number of winners or the prizes until after the tournament was over. This should have been all set up and explained beforehand just like what is done in the FFF. I'm sure this will affect how many enter the Fall Big 4 unless it changes. By the way, I do think this is all a good idea to get input from members as to what they think about how things run. Sometimes, we, as the BOD tend to act on our own as was done here and maybe it is not what the members want. I, too, would like to see input on this from all who entered so we can better serve you next time.
  24. Here is the link to the video of the 22 pound mirror. I posted it earlier but I didn't do it right
  25. We're all still learning Rex!! 😉
  26. Thank you classiccat, it is great to be here. Still learning how to fish for carp.
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  28. David Dakin

    Big 4 rules

    No Ian I’m not saying that I was limited. I work very hard to find some sweet spots that hold big fish. I just got a bit ticked when other anglers got rewarded bait for less of a haul. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I did understand the rules it just stings a bit now. Call it sour grapes but I’m just saying because I live in New England doesn’t mean I’m at a bigger advantage.
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