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  1. Yes I agree. I plan on experimenting this weekend with different baits.
  2. Thanks! Carp are my favorite fish. Beautiful fish that always put up a great fight.
  3. Here is the link to the video of the 22 pound mirror. I posted it earlier but I didn't do it right
  4. Thank you classiccat, it is great to be here. Still learning how to fish for carp.
  5. Rex Broadbent

    Using New Pack Bait

    Thanks I used to net the fish but they were smaller ones so I wasn't nervous about them coming off as much but it's much easier when someone else does it. The song from the movie just seemed to fit well.
  6. Thanks Dave! I will keep at it. I hope I can get a chance to catch some more species.
  7. Rex Broadbent

    Using New Pack Bait

    Thanks! Haha! yeah I ate a few fig newtons. I need to try garlic juice now. Thanks again
  8. Rex Broadbent

    Using New Pack Bait

    Here is the video we made using the new pack bait. Not a whole lot of action on it but I will try it again. I was using fig newton bars before the hung on the weight a little too well. Next plan is to try peanut butter, bread and corn
  9. Rex Broadbent

    Using New Pack Bait

  10. Rex Broadbent

    Using New Pack Bait

    Had a nice day fishing at a new spot with a new bread crumb, sweet corn and jello pack bait. Caught nice 10 pound mirror and a small bullhead. The middle of the day on really hot days seems to be producing the most bites and hookups. Video soon to come
  11. Ouch! that is nuts!
  12. Never been bite by a turtle. Came close a few times. I had a 40 pound snapper almost get me. I have only caught one common about 7 pounds we have loads of mirror carp up here.
  13. Great reply and info! I always wondered what that was in a carp's mouth. That was my first bullhead I didn't know they were in this river system. Thank you for the advise!! I had no idea that moving a turtle by it tail could hurt it. I will do it the right way from now on.
  14. New member here. I just got into carp fishing. I finally have this process figured out. Caught a snapping turtle and 2 nice mirror carp. I lost one in the weeds but they all put up a big fight. Great day fishing! Here is my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CWy4a2ztmU