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  1. Nice catch!!! Keep the momentum going and do it again! I’ve blanked four times this year, and I’ll be out tomorrow, so maybe I’ll finally have some success.
  2. Do you have any information on this die off? Specifically, how small of an area are we talking? I've been trying to get an estimate of carp population densities in large rivers, this could provide an approximate figure.
  3. Hi everyone! Our PA State Chair Domenic Firestone is planning a Fish-in for West PA sometime in June, either June 19-20 or June 26-June 27. More details to follow soon! Contact Domenic if you’re interested in attending.
  4. I'm confused, are you saying that including the state of capture in the photo will reveal someone's secret spot? States are large, and putting the state of capture alone won't give away secret spots.
  5. Awesome catches!!! Glad things are warming up. And I hope you're right about the pandemic, maybe I'll be able to enjoy some of my senior year of high school in June
  6. Awesome captures! And congratulations on the new 3-rod regulations, that's a huge plus!
  7. This is HUGE win! Congratulations to all Ontario carp anglers.
  8. Congratulations everyone!!! Thanks to CAG and sponsors for making this possible, it's been a blast!
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