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  1. Yay, I can actually participate one year! Count me in!
  2. This is HUGE win! Congratulations to all Ontario carp anglers.
  3. Been doing some research on states in my area... NJ: May/June. Best fishing time Apr 1- May 15. PA: Same as NJ, exception Allegheny mountains / Lake Erie Apr 15- June 1 DE: May. Best fishing time March 15 - May 1. NY: (Maybe late may?) June. Best fishing time April 15 - June 1. Exceptions Lake Ontario, St Lawrence river and Adirondack mountains, May 1 - June 15.
  4. Nice pics Dave! Loved your talk.
  5. Thanks again, Iain! I had an amazing time.
  6. Darn! I had a 5 gallon bucket of maize prepared for the river but I guess it'll be too much for the pond
  7. I'm surely interested! Will you be at the NECC this year?
  8. I'm going to prebait the day of the NECC, in the park just north of the Matabesett Canoe Club in Middletown... would anyone want to meet up there the next day?
  9. Hmm.. I sent an email a while ago but I'm not on the list. Am I too late?
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