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  1. Thank you! We try to make at as stress free as possible.
  2. Thank you, they were biting the line 2 minutes after casting. Hard work reeling them all in. Music seemed to be a good fit
  3. Your name: Rex Broadbent Your CAG forum name: Rex Broadbent Your state or province of residence: RI North Zone Good Luck Everyone!
  4. That sucks. But maybe you could find one in the wild because people release them all the time.
  5. Thanks I have always wanted to catch one and this one was a good one.
  6. The key to this pack bait was the sprinkles. I should have taken video of the betty crocker decorating stars reaction to water. They moved allover the place and took around 25 minutes for dispersal. We are going to try a mix today and do more experiments. HAHA. New video to come
  7. Thank you! looking forward too that day. I bet it feels great!
  8. Thanks! Lots of them up here in Rhode Island! Now I am looking for large common haha
  9. Thanks! It was a small one I caught Wow the one you have there one is a big one! Nice pic
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